The Whole, Neatly Furnished

"The new Cemetery is situated in Lighteliffe Road, and contains an area of about nine acres. The frontage towards the above-named road is enlosed with a atone wall and also ornamental wrought-iron railings, and has two wells for water, one for domestic purposes, and the other for the use of cattle..... The buildings include the … Continue reading The Whole, Neatly Furnished

Sheffield In Colour

View From Kelvin Flats, Sheffield (c 1984) Colour photographs used to be a luxury. Colour film was much more expensive than black and white film, and home processing was not a cheap option. Family pressure meant that I would have to load my camera with a colour film for holidays, but for when I was … Continue reading Sheffield In Colour

Flying Ladas

Burdock Way, Halifax. (c.1990) This is another photo of Burdock Way, Halifax, taken from the same film and shot at the same time - probably about 1990. The road, of course, is still there: what is interesting once again is what is framed between the concrete curves. Whilst there are still garages at the bottom … Continue reading Flying Ladas