The Green, Green Grass Of …. Rhodes Street

This is the last of this particular batch of photographs from fifty or so years ago, taken in the Rhodes Street area of Halifax. Like the other four, it shows the area around Gibbet Street in Halifax shortly before redevelopment. Looking back at these five photographs, it shows a different Halifax, one caught in the … Continue reading The Green, Green Grass Of …. Rhodes Street

Finding Faith In Rhodes Street

As I continue my exploration of the area around Rhodes Street, Halifax - time travel by courtesy of a series of photographs I took almost fifty years ago - I find faith on Rhodes Street. Before too much celebration is embarked upon for the salvation of my lost soul, let me add that the faith … Continue reading Finding Faith In Rhodes Street

Gas Lights And Atmosphere

I know I have featured this particular image from my negative archives before, but I like it, so I will wheel it out again. I took it almost fifty years ago and it is one of the street around Rhodes Street, which ran (and, indeed, still runs) between Gibbet Street and Hopwood Lane in Halifax. … Continue reading Gas Lights And Atmosphere

Abandon Hope

I read somewhere that the Vikings called their new discovery Greenland in full knowledge that it was anything but green, but in the hope that it might attract settlers. The same principles were obviously used by nineteenth century town developers who gave endless rows of smoke-black terraces names such as Paradise Street and Bellevue Road. … Continue reading Abandon Hope

Acorn Autumn

If you go out for a walk in these parts, you can't get very far without treading on a bed of acorns. It's a little like walking on wooden marbles, and the sound of them crunching and snapping underfoot is reminiscent of the famous ladybird summer back in 1976. Just to check that it wasn't … Continue reading Acorn Autumn

Goods Composition

North Bridge, Halifax used to have two stations: a passenger railway station on one side, and a goods station on the other. The goods station, which stood where North Bridge Leisure Centre was later built, was closed in 1960, but the buildings remained - in a somewhat dilapidated state - for a further fifteen or … Continue reading Goods Composition

That Was, This Is …. Halifax

Looking through my negative archives, certain scenes keep recurring. One is this view of Bank Bottom in Halifax. I have photographs of it in rain and shine, with or without added bursts of industrial steam. At times the background of mill chimneys and church spires stand out like a fist of sore thumbs, at other … Continue reading That Was, This Is …. Halifax

Fitting A Square Church Into A Rectangular Hole

The early 1970s were critical years in terms of the preservation of the built heritage of Halifax. Not only was the future of a dilapidated Piece Hall being determined (see Faded Jewel), but right next door to that jewel in the crown was a diamond in the tiara - Square Congregational Church. Most of the … Continue reading Fitting A Square Church Into A Rectangular Hole