The Green, Green Grass Of …. Rhodes Street

This is the last of this particular batch of photographs from fifty or so years ago, taken in the Rhodes Street area of Halifax. Like the other four, it shows the area around Gibbet Street in Halifax shortly before redevelopment.

Looking back at these five photographs, it shows a different Halifax, one caught in the process of transition. I wondered whether it was the monochrome images that made it seem slightly dream-like and unreal so I set the colourising algorithms to work to see what they could come up with.

The result was even more unreal as it seems to have given poor old Rhodes Street a carpet of turf. And were the skies ever blue back in those dim and distant days? The more I look at it, however, the more I like it. It isn’t true, but memories rarely are. The old home town may not look the same, but it’s good to touch the green, green grass of …. Rhodes Street!

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