Colouring My Memory

This old photograph of mine from 52 years ago is not particularly inspiring. Unlike others on the same strip of negatives, it does not illustrate changes in landscape or architecture. It does, however, unleash a floodgate of personal memories, and it also illustrates a degree of technological change. The technology in question sits centre-stage on … Continue reading Colouring My Memory

Trees And Screens

Here is another of my photographs from the same walk around Brighouse fifty odd years ago. This one was taken from Brighouse Bridge looking down at the River Calder. Brighouse Gas Works and a variety of old industrial units can clearly be seen lining the river banks. So what has changed in half a century? … Continue reading Trees And Screens

A Commercial Death

A strange coincidence brought together a photograph and a story. The photograph was one of my own, and was taken over fifty years ago, just a mile or so from where I now live. It shows Huddersfield Road as it emerges from the town of Brighouse and the junction with Aire Street and Lords Lane. … Continue reading A Commercial Death

Taking Coal To Leeds

I must have taken this photograph over half a century ago, but I can still recall leaning over the bridge to take a photograph of this coal barge unloading its cargo in Leeds. The accuracy of my memory does not stretch to recalling which bridge it was, but I can get around that by simply … Continue reading Taking Coal To Leeds


After all these years I can't quite pin down exactly where I took this photograph of the Hebble Brook in Halifax from. Obviously it was down by the, then, Rowntree Mackintosh factory, but I'm not entirely sure whether I was looking north or south. Dating it, is another problem. I have been taking photographs of … Continue reading HEBBLE SECRETS


This image is based on a photograph I took in the early 1980s. Back then, I would take the train from Sheffield to the east coast, and wander along the sands in Skegness, Cleethorpes and the like, trying to capture the atmosphere of the place. This particular image has been subjected to filters, grain and … Continue reading SKEGGY


SHEFFIELD MIDLAND STATION (1983) Alan Burnett Another of my old photographs which I filed away into obscurity forty years ago, but return to now because I have nothing better to do. It is out of focus and blurred, but so are my memories. Don't ask me to say why I like it, I can't tell … Continue reading WAITING FOR THE TRAIN

A Different Frame Of View

This is one of my photographs from forty or fifty years ago. The building is, of course, instantly recognisable: it is what was then Halifax Parish Church, and is now Halifax Minster. The frame will not be as instantly recognisable: the railway viaduct that carried the line from Halifax Station to North Bridge has been … Continue reading A Different Frame Of View