Back Street, Bradford

I'm not sure what the official definition of a "back street" is, but this must get pretty close. It's a street leading nowhere other than to the back end of a mill; it's paved in stone cobbles polished by an endless acid drizzle; and it's empty other than for a tired car. I think I … Continue reading Back Street, Bradford

Driving Down The Lanes Of Nostalgia With A Shot Of Redex

As soon as the scan of this old negative of mine emerged from the digital equivalent of the developing solution, I knew there was something wrong. Not wrong, perhaps, as we all know that photographs and Prime Ministers can never lie, but something not quite right, something different. The photograph is of the Newlands Filling … Continue reading Driving Down The Lanes Of Nostalgia With A Shot Of Redex

Halifax, 1987

Like most other local photographers, I have always been drawn to Old Lane, Halifax, just for the privilege of walking in Bill Brandt's footsteps. No-one can match his classic 1930s images of the scene, so I have messed about with this 1980s effort of mine to provide a more colourful representation.


This "image" of the old power station near North Bridge, Halifax is a version of a photograph I originally took over fifty-five years ago. I may well have featured this photograph before - if I was half the organised person I should be, I would know - and just in case I had, I thought … Continue reading Filter-Foolerings

Union Beyond Hope

When you build a town on a hillside, steps become a way of life. Even when the front door faces out at street level, the back door might leave you in near earth orbit. These strong stone steps were on Union Street, Halifax, forty years ago - and they are still there today. Countless bags … Continue reading Union Beyond Hope

Halifax Beyond Hope?

If you go beyond Hope Hall in Halifax, you get to Hope Hall Terrace. If you go beyond Hope Hall Terrace, you get to Back Hope Hall Terrace. That is where I took this photo forty or more years ago. It was cold and icy and for some reason the standpipes were out. You can … Continue reading Halifax Beyond Hope?


A photo I took 40 years ago and added some colour to 40 minutes ago. It shows what remains of the front of Hope Hall, Halifax, which is now the back of the Albany Club. 200 years ago it was the home of Christopher Rawson of¬†Gentleman Jack¬†fame. It's seen better days - but where there's … Continue reading Hope