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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Regarding your Postcard from Home ” Siddal’s Comet” I can help with the image – The factory at the top of the image is David Smith &Co wool combers – the row of houses next to the top large chimney was called Cambridge Terrace. The large building directly below this was Siddal Strict Baptist Chapel with attached Sunday School. This Chapel was built by David Smith who was also the minister as well as being a Town councillor and owner of several factories.
    David also published several books on dyeing as well as religious tracts.
    I know this as one of the lectures I give is about David Smith, I also live on Siddal Lane which backs onto where Cambridge Terrace was.
    Best Regards


  2. Tommy Porthcawl. In early August 1936 aged 8 I had a week’s family holiday in Porthcawl [from Penarth] and the highlight of the morning was to go down to the beach to the Tommy Porhcawl show. I cannot remember anything of the repartee but I was entranced and have vague recollection that the ventriloquist was in a sort of small boxing ring. We stayed in a house so presumably a B&B or even self catering. My dad got me to try Weetabix for the first time. Next year we were in a caravan in the sand dunes east of the fairground and either Tommy was not showing or the fair, particularly the Water Chute, was a greater attraction or my imagination was occupied in traversing the dunes a la the French Foreign Legion. I loved our caravan, which was one among half a dozen I seem to remember, an oldish model with a lantern roof. I was very annoyed that our planned fortnight was cut short by a few days because of my younger brother’s tonsilitis!


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