Southgate Memories

Memories tend not to be photographic: time smooths the edges, blurs the focus and calms the emotions. I must have taken the original black and white photograph of Southgate in Halifax around 1967. The new version - with a little help from Photoshop -  is from last night. 

On This Day – 4 Jan 1922 : Keep Fit And Avoid Infection

From The Halifax Daily Courier And Guardian : 4 January 1922 A watchful eye is being kept by the Ministry of Health on the progress of influenza, which prevails to a serious extent in many parts of the country. We hear of the visitation of the old enemy, "Flu" to many Halifax families, but so … Continue reading On This Day – 4 Jan 1922 : Keep Fit And Avoid Infection

Extravagant Colour

This is the view of Dean Clough from North Bridge about fifty years ago. It’s in black and white because colour film was something you used for your holiday snaps or your Cousin Dave’s wedding pictures. It’s in black and white and grey because other colours would have been an extravagance.

Blackley : Smoke And Chapel

This is a photograph of mine from the early 1970s. For a long time I wasn't sure where it was and I was going to categorise it as yet another of those "somewhere in West Yorkshire" shots. And then I recognised it : that is Blackley Baptist Church and the chimney is that of Wilkinson's … Continue reading Blackley : Smoke And Chapel

Sooty Stone And Net Curtains

This is one of my photographs from the late 1960s which I took from Lower Kirkgate in Halifax, just below the then Parish Church (now, Halifax Minster). Fifty plus years later, the railway viaduct has gone, and the same is true of the pub with the net curtains that used to nestle under the railway … Continue reading Sooty Stone And Net Curtains

Making Choices On A Rainy Morning

It's raining and I'm supposed to be rearranging the deckchairs in my Titanic study. This entails moving piles of papers and old photographs from one plastic box to another and finding more floorspace to accommodate even more plastic boxes. As an exercise this is up there with paint drying, and therefore I waste a ridiculous … Continue reading Making Choices On A Rainy Morning