It Is Doubtful How Long Peace May Be Preserved

The chance discovery of an illustration in an old newspaper, brings to light a troubled time in the history of Halifax. The illustration - Scene at North Bridge, Halifax - appeared in the Illustrated London News of the 27th August 1842, and it shows thousand of protestors on North Bridge coming under attack by armed … Continue reading It Is Doubtful How Long Peace May Be Preserved

First Cousin To A Forgotten Memory

The advent of artificial intelligence driven photographic software means that we can now all play around with colouring the past. Such experiments have differing levels of success: sometimes we get a stunning insight into the real beauty of great-auntie Gertie, other times we give our grandfathers purple beards and pink dungarees! Such artificial colourisation is … Continue reading First Cousin To A Forgotten Memory

Cleaning Up The Town Hall

In dating pictures of old Halifax, there are certain events that - rather like the destruction of the dinosaurs in geological times - mark the changeover between major epochs. One such event was the stone cleaning of Halifax Town Hall, bringing about its transition from soot-black to golden-stone, in 1972.

Old Photo, Old Lane, Old Tom

I must have taken this photograph of the Old Lane Inn, Halifax in the mid 1960s, by which time it had already closed (it briefly came back to life as Dicky Mints 20 years later). The monumental bottle of beer painted on the gable wall should have been listed and saved for posterity. The illustration … Continue reading Old Photo, Old Lane, Old Tom

St Thomas And The Gasworks

Someone asked me the other day how many pictures of Halifax I had taken over the years. I couldn’t give an answer, but it’s a lot: and that is not because I am an exceptionally prolific photographer, it’s just that I’ve been around for a good few years. Many of the subjects are repeat offenders: … Continue reading St Thomas And The Gasworks

Halifax At The Speed Of Light

When I look at this photograph I am reminded of those nineteenth century etchings of northern mill towns. But it can't be nineteenth century because I took the photograph and even I am not that old. And if you look carefully there are two blocks of flats in the background. It appears that if you … Continue reading Halifax At The Speed Of Light

Discontinuing The Exchange With Halifax Infirmary

This is a picture postcard from the very beginning of the twentieth century featuring a photograph of the Royal Infirmary, Halifax. When this photograph was taken the building will have only been a few years old (it was opened in 1896), and the building remained largely unchanged until it eventually closed in 2001. One of … Continue reading Discontinuing The Exchange With Halifax Infirmary

A Walk Around Halifax

I have been taking photographs of Halifax for the best part of sixty years, but it is something I never get bored with. I happily take every chance I get to walk around the streets of the town I have always called "home", looking for new insights, new frames, new angles and new shapes. I … Continue reading A Walk Around Halifax