Vintage Bus Tickets (Alan Burnett) There is something rather beautiful about old bus tickets. Those stout cardboard ones from seventy or so years ago, or those brightly coloured paper ones of forty or fifty years ago - there is both a tactile and visual pleasure in both. Where they exist today, bus tickets are meaningless … Continue reading TICKETS PLEASE


The Edwardian actor, Harcourt Williams, As Romeo (1905) The absence of Instagram and the like back in Edwardian times meant that celebrities had to turn to other methods of "getting themselves out there". Luckily they were able to climb onto the great postcard craze bandwagon. Ernest George Harcourt Williams (1880-1957) began his career playing Mr … Continue reading ROMEO REMEMBERED

Back Home

I've been back home a week from my pram-pushing excursion to the snowy Dolomites, and for one reason or another I don't seem able to settle into a routine. Even my desk-top calendar was left uncreated. Time for a hard reset, and what better way to celebrate being back home than with one of the … Continue reading Back Home

The Acme Of Perfection In Pierrotic Entertainment

I inherited this photograph from my Auntie Annie and Uncle Harry. During the late twenties and early thirties, Uncle Harry "trod the boards" as a member of a touring concert party - "The Silhouettes". Harry was the featured "pianist and tenor vocalist", and that is Harry, second from the right, with his wavy hair blowing … Continue reading The Acme Of Perfection In Pierrotic Entertainment

From Alpine Pram-Pushing To The Age Of Snaps

So here we are, a new month, and safely returned from a week in the Dolomites pushing a pram up a mountainside. Alpine pram-pushing is still a relatively new sport, and there was a possibility that we might have been chosen for the British team for the Winter Olympics, but a couple of unfortunate falls … Continue reading From Alpine Pram-Pushing To The Age Of Snaps

Pablo Picasso, The Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence

I have suitcases full of old photographs, acquired from here, there, and endless market stalls: lost and unwanted prints of people long forgotten and places long gone. My escape route from grim reality is to delve into these collections, and befriend one of the anonymous subjects. As a pastime it is relatively harmless, less challenging … Continue reading Pablo Picasso, The Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence