DAYS : Snow, Light And With Love From Mary

Weighed Down By The Weather: Occasionally the weather likes to remind you that, whatever plans you have, whatever places you need to go, it can over-rule the lot. It might be March but the snow fell with a vengeance and coated the ground, the trees, and even the washing line. As well as there being … Continue reading DAYS : Snow, Light And With Love From Mary

Daily Calendar : Chairs, Bikes and Steep Hills (4-6 March 2023)

Taken about 40 years ago in Weston Park, Sheffield. Take a seat, move it about, make a pattern. Delivery Boy. Found Photo. This is possibly one of the children of William G Pannett, baker and confectioner, of Horsham, Sussex. Sheffield should be twinned with San Francisco. Sheffield has the trams and the hills: and the … Continue reading Daily Calendar : Chairs, Bikes and Steep Hills (4-6 March 2023)

Flying Through The Skegness Skies

This strange contraption perhaps gives a new meaning to the phrase "fell off the back of a wagon"! The wagon was "on the front" at Skegness, more years ago than I care to remember. It was always a blurred picture, it was always slightly unreal. The only thing to do with it was to make … Continue reading Flying Through The Skegness Skies

From An Old Friend, George Graham

How this particular photograph found its way into my collection, I have no idea. I do, however, know who it is a photograph of, and that is George Graham. We also know that George was an "old friend", as written on the back of the postcard sized print is "from an old friend, George Graham". … Continue reading From An Old Friend, George Graham

Fruit Inflation And Silhouettes

This is a “Cabinet Card” - a pasteboard-backed Victorian photograph - of an unknown woman sat reading under a tree. I suspect it might be from an amateur photographer - clues being the outdoor location and the lack of studio details on the rear of the card. Halifax Borough Market. Not sure exactly when I … Continue reading Fruit Inflation And Silhouettes

Concrete Days

Today's desktop calendar image takes me back to my days in Sheffield. In the late 1970s we lived in Crookesmoor, and a short walk down Oxford Street would take me to the Upperthorpe flats, where I took this photograph more than 40 years ago. When Burdock Way was built 50 years ago, Pellon Lane and … Continue reading Concrete Days