Assessing The Lie

My Great-Uncle, Fowler Beanland, was a crown green bowler. In his youth, he played bowls in his native Keighley, in his thirties he played bowls in Cumbria where he was working, and in his later years he returned to the crown greens of Yorkshire. He was also a great postcard collector and his collection of … Continue reading Assessing The Lie

Halifax Post Office

I have several vintage postcards featuring Halifax Post Office in my collection, which is only right and proper as it is a fine looking building. The building - and the postcards - date from a time when there was a degree of local pride in such public buildings, and post offices were seen as a … Continue reading Halifax Post Office

John King Lane, Brighouse

This vintage postcard of Brighouse dates from the early years of the twentieth century and shows a part of the town that has undergone changes over the last 100 years, but will still be recognisable to those familiar with the town. Just imagine that you are stood near the top of Wilkinson's car park and … Continue reading John King Lane, Brighouse

The Stream At Shibden

This old picture postcard is a recent arrival in my collection, and it's a welcome one because I have known this stream all my life. My familiarity with it is of little help when it comes to naming it, and it is noticeable that even this old postcard dodges the issue by simply describing it … Continue reading The Stream At Shibden

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

A recently acquired vintage postcard of the sundial in People's Park, Halifax provides the basis for a timely New Year's post. The Smith sundial will be familiar to generations of Halifax dwellers, having been presented to the park in 1873 by Alderman Matthew Smith, a partner in the wire manufacturing company, who later became Mayor … Continue reading Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Getting A Tram To The Cemetery

Think of WhatsApp messages accompanied by fabulous photographs. Not photos of pouting lips or meaningless plates of food, but photographs that capture and preserve history. And thus you have picture postcards from one hundred years ago. Each one becomes an exploration, taking you through quiet graveyards or along disused tram lines. The cemetery along Lightcliffe … Continue reading Getting A Tram To The Cemetery

The Crown, The Bull, And The Griffin

I must have acquired this postcard of Bull Green in Halifax at some stage over the last fifty years. It's almost recent enough, and I'm almost old enough, to make me think I might have bought it new. Whatever its provenance, it hasn't been used, which somehow strips it of half its potential interest. There … Continue reading The Crown, The Bull, And The Griffin

A Faded Version Of A Faded Memory

The provenance of this picture of Commercial Street in Halifax is interesting. It started life as one of the "real photograph" postcards from the golden age of picture postcards in the years leading up to the First World War, Fifty or sixty years later it was republished by the Halifax Courier as part of a … Continue reading A Faded Version Of A Faded Memory