Back Street, Bradford

I'm not sure what the official definition of a "back street" is, but this must get pretty close. It's a street leading nowhere other than to the back end of a mill; it's paved in stone cobbles polished by an endless acid drizzle; and it's empty other than for a tired car. I think I … Continue reading Back Street, Bradford

The Black Friar, London

"If you only get the chance to visit one London pub", I would tell my London visitors forty years ago, "make it the Black Friar". It is certainly not the oldest pub in London by any stretch of the imagination: even in your wildest dreams you can't imagine Johnson and Boswell drinking a Campari and … Continue reading The Black Friar, London

Aimlessly Wandering

For some time now, I seem to have been aimlessly wandering around my various blogs and social media streams in search of order, purpose, and direction. After lengthy consideration I have come to the conclusion that it is aimlessly wandering that I enjoy, and that order and purpose are foreign countries I neither have, nor … Continue reading Aimlessly Wandering


Browsing through the Halifax Courier from 70 years ago you might be tempted to think that little has changed. The headlines deal with a possible train strike and worsening relations with Russia. Look inside, however, and you get a sudden reminder of how some things do change, because 70 years ago today it was the … Continue reading HALIFAX WAKES WEEK

A Message About Mediums

When I was young, the Canadian philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, was all the rage. He is, of course, most famous for his premise that "the medium is the message" - the concept that the way ideas are circulated is as important as the ideas themselves. It has always been a concept that has fascinated me, and, … Continue reading A Message About Mediums

25 Prints (1)

Whilst I was at the pub bar buying a round of drinks, it appears that I was volunteered to create some prints to sell at a Church Arts And Crafts Fair in June. On sober reflection, I decided on a series of five small A5 prints, but which of my various photographs should I choose? … Continue reading 25 Prints (1)


Two Unknown Women At The Seaside (1940s) This little two inch square print fell out of my "Unknown Photos" box whilst I was rescuing another print. It clearly was determined to be scanned and processed and shared with the world - so here it is. Whoever the subjects are, they were frozen in time and … Continue reading FROZEN IN TIME AND SURROUNDED BY HISTORY