A Prize Shot

This is from a strip of six negatives from the mid 1960s. The photographs were taken, as far as I can remember, at the Halifax Gala in Manor Heath. I may have featured some of these photographs before, I can't remember, but they are probably worth a second outing. The first of the six photographs … Continue reading A Prize Shot

A Tram To The Dutchman

An old picture postcard of Boothtown Road in Halifax lands in my collection: a typical scene from the first decade of the twentieth century with tramlines and empty streets. If you look carefully at the photograph, you can make out part of the Akroydon model village on the left of the road and, in the … Continue reading A Tram To The Dutchman

HOME 13 : Looking Up At Beacon Hill

I have spent much of my life looking up at Beacon Hill. It was there when I walked home from school, there when I worked in its shadow, there as a backdrop to so many important milestones in my life. Over 70 years both it and I have changed. I have grown older, greyer and … Continue reading HOME 13 : Looking Up At Beacon Hill

Home 12 : Vale Of Tears And Laughter

This is a photograph of one of the two Sunny Vale lakes, which I must have taken almost sixty years ago. Sixty years before that Sunny Vale Gardens, Hipperholme were attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. A superb 1901 film - Trip To Sunny Vale Gardens - is available on the British Film … Continue reading Home 12 : Vale Of Tears And Laughter

Plague And Pestilence In Downtown Halifax

My picture today shows the spire of Square Congregational Church, Halifax during the nadir of its fortunes in the early 1970s. Two fires and a gale had already brought this fine Victorian church to its knees - when I took this photograph it was patiently awaiting the inevitable Biblical flood and plague of locusts. Luckily … Continue reading Plague And Pestilence In Downtown Halifax

A Postcard From The Conservatory

This immensely colourful postcard of the conservatory at Akroyd Park in Halifax must date from the first decade of the twentieth century, although it is difficult to date it precisely as it was never posted. Bankfield House, the home of Edward Akroyd, and its grounds, were sold to Halifax Corporation in the 1880s and converted … Continue reading A Postcard From The Conservatory

From Bookseller To Bookmaker In Two Generations

Whiteley's Corner was the name given to the corner of Bethel Street and Huddersfield Road in Brighouse, so called because that was the location of Whiteley's newsagents and tobacconists and their famous clock. The Whiteley family ran the shop for much of the twentieth century and it became such an established part of the town, … Continue reading From Bookseller To Bookmaker In Two Generations

Home 10 : The Abattoir And Cart

We hear a lot these days about the changing nature of town and city centres, but the centre of gravity of our conurbations has never been static. I took this photograph over fifty years ago from the waste land at the bottom of Woolshops in Halifax. Widespread demolition had already swept through the narrow streets, … Continue reading Home 10 : The Abattoir And Cart

Home 9 : My Halifax

This is a photograph I took 55 years ago, looking over Halifax from - I think - Bradford Old Road. This is not just Halifax, this is my youth. Part the smoke fuelled clouds and you can see my school, the streets I walked down, and the parks I played in. Walk up the hill … Continue reading Home 9 : My Halifax