Terrible Tragedy In Halifax

Don't you just get fed up with the state of the modern media, with all the sensational headlines, lurid stories and titillating images designed to get you to follow links to stories that never live up to what they promised? Take me back to the good old days when serious writers upheld the very highest … Continue reading Terrible Tragedy In Halifax

Twenty-Six Chimneys

This is the last of the strip of six negatives from 1966. I took it from almost the same place as yesterdays, but I have moved my camera around a little. Even though this was Halifax in transition, I can still count 26 mill chimneys in the photograph - and that is not including Wainhouse … Continue reading Twenty-Six Chimneys

Headscarves In Halifax

Sometimes it is the poor photos, the blurred photos, the crumpled and skew-whiff photos, that seem to capture the mood and feeling of a time better than the most pinprick sharp compositions. I took this in Halifax in 1965 - that's the Borough Market in the background - and it sings of its era. If … Continue reading Headscarves In Halifax