Memories And Old Negatives

More photographs from Halifax Charity Gala taken in the mid 1960s. At the time, I was hoping to get a job as a photographer for the local newspaper, and therefore I was attending all the local fetes and galas, getting some practice in. I did eventually get the job confirmed, but then changes to the … Continue reading Memories And Old Negatives

Colour And Movement

Another shot from the same strip of negatives taken at the Halifax Charity Gala in Manor Heath in the mid 1960s. Even though the photograph is in monochrome, it is somehow full of colour: even though it is a still, it is somehow full of movement. I can't remember what they called this kind of … Continue reading Colour And Movement

A Prize Shot

This is from a strip of six negatives from the mid 1960s. The photographs were taken, as far as I can remember, at the Halifax Gala in Manor Heath. I may have featured some of these photographs before, I can't remember, but they are probably worth a second outing. The first of the six photographs … Continue reading A Prize Shot

Plague And Pestilence In Downtown Halifax

My picture today shows the spire of Square Congregational Church, Halifax during the nadir of its fortunes in the early 1970s. Two fires and a gale had already brought this fine Victorian church to its knees - when I took this photograph it was patiently awaiting the inevitable Biblical flood and plague of locusts. Luckily … Continue reading Plague And Pestilence In Downtown Halifax

Matching Moods On Sepia Saturday

I have been participating in the Sepia Saturday project for the best part of ten years and matching themes for most of that time. I have featured pictures of bridges to match bridges and pictures of my granny in a hat to coincide with hat week. After getting on for 600 weeks, however, I now … Continue reading Matching Moods On Sepia Saturday

Away 1 : Fish And Chips On The Front

AWAY 1 : There used to be home and away. Home was where you lived fifty-one weeks of the year. Away was your week at the seaside.  This, however, was quite a late shot: the give away is that the fish and chips are in polystyrene boxes. By the 1980s, away was more likely to … Continue reading Away 1 : Fish And Chips On The Front

Home 2 : Bank Bottom, Halifax

The second picture in my "Home" collection is this photograph of Bank Bottom, Halifax, which I took somewhere around 1970. Square Church spire is framed by the old Riding Hall Carpet Mill and the Halifax Gas Works. If you would like to see this picture in person, it is currently on view as part of … Continue reading Home 2 : Bank Bottom, Halifax