SHEFFIELD MIDLAND STATION (1983) Alan Burnett Another of my old photographs which I filed away into obscurity forty years ago, but return to now because I have nothing better to do. It is out of focus and blurred, but so are my memories. Don't ask me to say why I like it, I can't tell … Continue reading WAITING FOR THE TRAIN

Kites To Rotherham

Sheffield is built on hills and therefore back yards are often more like back cliff faces. This was the back yard of the house we lived in forty years ago: big enough for a dustbin and a pushbike. Washing hung like kites, getting ready to launch once a decent breeze got up, destined for the … Continue reading Kites To Rotherham

Somewhere In Sheffield

Today's calendar photograph is somewhere in Sheffield. Or rather, it was somewhere in Sheffield forty years ago when I took the photograph. Whether it is still there remains to be seen, and whether we will see or not depends on my two friends F&K who like the challenge of trying to spot where my old … Continue reading Somewhere In Sheffield

The Strange World Of Warner Gothard

It's a strange lockdown world we live in where dog grooming is classed as an essential service but the human equivalent is not. The result is that our dog is today walking around like a well-coiffured matinee idol, whilst I look like an over-enthusiastic kitchen mop. It would be nice to think that my abundant … Continue reading The Strange World Of Warner Gothard


If you ask me where I come from, I will say Halifax: even though I was not born in the town. For the first five years of my life, I lived far away in Bradford, and we only moved across the border when I was five. Even though I wasn't born in the town, and … Continue reading Where?

The Arts Tower Is Long, Life Is Short

My calendar today shows a scene I am very familiar with as it was taken from the front window of the house I lived in forty years ago. Some of the Photoshopping may be new, but the photograph, the moodiness, the compelling shapeliness of the scene, all date back to my time living in Oxford … Continue reading The Arts Tower Is Long, Life Is Short

Anglo Works (But Not Like It Used To)

TRIPPET LANE & HOLLY STREET, SHEFFIELD (c1982) Another foggy, snow-covered day in Sheffield in the early 1980s (did I only ever venture out with my camera when there was Snow on the ground?). Even I don't need help with the location of this particular photograph: whilst there have been so many changes to this part … Continue reading Anglo Works (But Not Like It Used To)

Sheffield In Colour

View From Kelvin Flats, Sheffield (c 1984) Colour photographs used to be a luxury. Colour film was much more expensive than black and white film, and home processing was not a cheap option. Family pressure meant that I would have to load my camera with a colour film for holidays, but for when I was … Continue reading Sheffield In Colour