Category: Family Photographs

Happy Birthday Albert

It would have been my fathers’ birthday today – he would have been 107 years old! This photograph must have been taken in the late 1920s in Bradford, Yorkshire when, as a teenager, he would have been looking forward to what life would bring him. It brought him […]

Constantly Updating Amy

This photograph of Amy and Wilf Sykes must have been taken in the mid 1930s. Amy Beanland was born in August 1904 in Keighley, Yorkshire, the eldest daughter of Albert and Kate Beanland (my mother Gladys was Amy’s younger sister). Wilf was born in the Yorkshire town of […]

Harry’s Cousin With A Smile

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week features a magnificent photograph of Florence Timms on her wedding day in 1928. I know nothing of Florence other than that she was the niece of the Vancouver printer and photographer Philip Timms (1874-1973). I know even less about my match image […]

Abe, The Set Piece-Taker

This photograph was taken on the occasion of the retirement of Abraham Moore, which – according to the date stamped on the back of the print – was in January 1947. Abraham was the father of my uncle, Harry Moore, and it would appear that he was 73 […]

Young Albert

ALBERT BURNETT (1916/17) This is a scan of a tiny old photograph (only 3cm wide) of my father, Albert Burnett. At a guess I would say that he was about five or six years old when this photograph was taken which would make it either 1916 or 1917. […]