Catherine And Albert

Kate and Albert Beanland (c. 1940) Scanned Family Photo (F1/3) My grandparents, Catherine and Albert Beanland, in a photograph taken a few years before my birth. According to the 1939 Register, they were living at 12, Lawrence Street, in the Princeville district of Bradford. Albert, 64 years old in 1939, was employed as a textile … Continue reading Catherine And Albert

Conversations With My Grandfather

I've always found that the march of technological innovation has been faster than anything I could reasonably predict. I remember in the very early days of computers, speculating that one day - in the distant future - it would be possible to have all the knowledge stored in the full Encyclopaedia Brittanica, available on a … Continue reading Conversations With My Grandfather

Wilson And Clara Ann Go To Totnes

There was a danger yesterday that I might have been heading in the direction of order and structure in my pointless daily jottings, so I have taken swift action today to avoid such a lamentable conclusion. The swift action comes in the form of two of my favourite people, Wilson and Clara Ann Fieldhouse. Wilson … Continue reading Wilson And Clara Ann Go To Totnes


This is a photograph of my grandmother, Kate Kellam, which must have been taken sometime around 1900, a few years before she married my grandfather, Albert Beanland. Catherine, who was always known as Kate, was born in the small town of Morcott, in Rutland in March 1877, to Albert and Catherine Kellam, and whilst she … Continue reading Kate


Another photograph from the family archives - this one features my fathers' sister, Annie, with her husband Harry Moore. Precisely dating such photographs is always a challenge, but I would guess that this was taken around the time of their marriage in 1933. By then, Harry would have abandoned his career as a member of … Continue reading HARRY AND ANNIE

Fowl Deeds In Bean Land

The gateway to my investigation of the convoluted world of the Fowlers and the Beanlands was a picture postcard of Skipton Castle Gateway, which was part of my Great Uncle's collection. The picture is pleasant enough and is typical of those hand-coloured photographs of the first decade of the twentieth century. As with so many … Continue reading Fowl Deeds In Bean Land

I Must Return To Brid Again

This is unmistakably Bridlington: that harbour wall and those muddy moorings are seared into my DNA like deep fried haddock and chips. And, just as unmistakably, that is my mother and that is me, so the date must have been around 1950. As with so many old family seaside snaps, it is memory-rich. If spring … Continue reading I Must Return To Brid Again

Two Characters In Search Of A Story

This has to be one of the strangest photographs in my family collection. I have no idea who the couple are, but they undoubtedly fit somewhere on my family tree as I seem to have inherited two, quite different, photographs of the same couple from different sources. The second photograph - which came to me … Continue reading Two Characters In Search Of A Story

The Acme Of Perfection In Pierrotic Entertainment

I inherited this photograph from my Auntie Annie and Uncle Harry. During the late twenties and early thirties, Uncle Harry "trod the boards" as a member of a touring concert party - "The Silhouettes". Harry was the featured "pianist and tenor vocalist", and that is Harry, second from the right, with his wavy hair blowing … Continue reading The Acme Of Perfection In Pierrotic Entertainment