Assessing The Lie

My Great-Uncle, Fowler Beanland, was a crown green bowler. In his youth, he played bowls in his native Keighley, in his thirties he played bowls in Cumbria where he was working, and in his later years he returned to the crown greens of Yorkshire. He was also a great postcard collector and his collection of … Continue reading Assessing The Lie

An Arctic Refuge

I've always followed the general rule in life that states that if something looks like it won't be there for long, take a photograph of it. It is a lot easier to follow such a rule in the era of digital photography than it was in the days when films, not to mention developing and … Continue reading An Arctic Refuge

Fruit Inflation And Silhouettes

This is a “Cabinet Card” - a pasteboard-backed Victorian photograph - of an unknown woman sat reading under a tree. I suspect it might be from an amateur photographer - clues being the outdoor location and the lack of studio details on the rear of the card. Halifax Borough Market. Not sure exactly when I … Continue reading Fruit Inflation And Silhouettes

Work Mates, Bradford 1930

Three work mates pictured in Great Horton, Bradford sometime around 1930. The one on the right with the pair of most extraordinary trousers is my father, Albert Burnett. The one in the middle was a fellow workmate called, I think, Matthews. The one on the left appears to be a young David Cameron, but somehow … Continue reading Work Mates, Bradford 1930

My Mam At The Mill

MILL GIRLS : ICKRINGILL'S MILL, LEGRAMS LANE, BRADFORD Early 1930s This is a treasure of an image, showing a group of Bradford mill girls in the early 1930s. It is especially close to my heart, because the girl on the left is my mother, Gladys. I think it must have been taken at Ickringill’s Mill … Continue reading My Mam At The Mill

Auntie Annie And The Dead Fox Marker

This is a photograph of my Auntie Annie - Annie Elizabeth Burnett who, in October 1933, became Annie Moore. My guess is that this particular photograph was taken before she married and could potentially date from somewhere in the late 1920s. She was born in 1903, and therefore she would have been 25 years old … Continue reading Auntie Annie And The Dead Fox Marker

English Spoken

We were in Italy earlier this year. And then, of course, we had our trip to Spain last month. We are booked for Venice in September, and, who knows, we might fit a trip in to see all the relatives in the Caribbean towards the end of the year or the beginning of next year. … Continue reading English Spoken

Three Kids

I guess I was about four years old when this photograph was taken (yes, that's me, the cute one in the middle). If I was four, we were still living in Bradford - we didn't move to Halifax until the following year - and therefore the photograph was probably taken at our house in Southmere … Continue reading Three Kids