Back Street, Bradford

I'm not sure what the official definition of a "back street" is, but this must get pretty close. It's a street leading nowhere other than to the back end of a mill; it's paved in stone cobbles polished by an endless acid drizzle; and it's empty other than for a tired car. I think I … Continue reading Back Street, Bradford

Decluttering The Shibden Valley

As I embark on yet another campaign to sort through the endless boxes of "stuff" that occupy my room, I find an old picture postcard of the Shibden Valley, near Halifax. It is a view I know well, having spent my childhood in Northowram, a mile or so further up the valley side from here. … Continue reading Decluttering The Shibden Valley


Vintage Bus Tickets (Alan Burnett) There is something rather beautiful about old bus tickets. Those stout cardboard ones from seventy or so years ago, or those brightly coloured paper ones of forty or fifty years ago - there is both a tactile and visual pleasure in both. Where they exist today, bus tickets are meaningless … Continue reading TICKETS PLEASE


The Edwardian actor, Harcourt Williams, As Romeo (1905) The absence of Instagram and the like back in Edwardian times meant that celebrities had to turn to other methods of "getting themselves out there". Luckily they were able to climb onto the great postcard craze bandwagon. Ernest George Harcourt Williams (1880-1957) began his career playing Mr … Continue reading ROMEO REMEMBERED