On This Day – 4 Jan 1922 : Keep Fit And Avoid Infection

From The Halifax Daily Courier And Guardian : 4 January 1922 A watchful eye is being kept by the Ministry of Health on the progress of influenza, which prevails to a serious extent in many parts of the country. We hear of the visitation of the old enemy, "Flu" to many Halifax families, but so … Continue reading On This Day – 4 Jan 1922 : Keep Fit And Avoid Infection

More December Days

This negative dates back forty years to the early eighties. By then we had moved north and were living in Sheffield, but I still returned to London with students or to attend courses and conferences. St Anne's Court was one of the narrow streets by Leicester Square populated by specialist shops dealing in action comics. … Continue reading More December Days

19 December 2021 : Out Board

Each year we would go to the seaside for a week. One year we would go to Bridlington on the East coast, the next we would go to New Brighton on the West coast. This must have been a New Brighton year - probably around 1951 - for that is the boarding house we stayed … Continue reading 19 December 2021 : Out Board