Magical Moments In The Digital Developing Dish

When I fell in love with photography sixty years ago, one of the great delights was that magic moment when a print would slowly emerge in the darkroom developing dish. The closest to it these days is seeing a digital image emerge following the application of some complex filtering process.  This print started life as … Continue reading Magical Moments In The Digital Developing Dish

Looking Up

I’ve spent a good part of my lifetime looking up. On the downside you occasionally walk into lamp posts, but on the upside you get to see some wonderful buildings. One such is the old Cycling Club building in Cavendish Street, Keighley which presents a magnificent stone façade to the world once you work your … Continue reading Looking Up

On The Dangers Of Sinking Under Ashworth’s Merrymakers And Their Like

I became distracted earlier today, turned a little too suddenly in my chair, and knocked over one of the many piles of old photographs that are stacked on my desk and the surrounding cupboards and shelves. Assessing the perilous nature of my surroundings, I realised that I am in danger of sinking below a tide … Continue reading On The Dangers Of Sinking Under Ashworth’s Merrymakers And Their Like

Knocking At The Door

I found this chap (preferred pronoun) attacked to my front door yesterday. Presumably it was knocking on the door, but being a little deaf, I couldn't hear it. However, on seeing it, I invited it in and took its photograph. Then it went on its way, leaving me with the photograph to remember it by.

25 Prints (4)

The fourth group of shortlisted photographs for my "25 Prints" project contains the usual mix of new and old, and pictures from near and far. If there is a common thread to this group - and I didn't intend there to be - it is that they have strayed some distance away from the idea … Continue reading 25 Prints (4)

Summer By The Sea

This is based on an old, found photograph of an unknown seaside location. I am not sure where it is, but an area has been fenced off to protect the bathers from boats, or sharks, or some such. The date is probably the 1920s. The filters I have used in this interpretation of the print, … Continue reading Summer By The Sea

Hands And Faces

A detail taken from a found print of a group of unknown women - possibly fellow workers, possibly from the 1920s or 30s. In the main photo they seem to be gathered around a woman holding a banjo wrapped in brown paper. I have chosen to concentrate on a small section of the group, which … Continue reading Hands And Faces


UNKNOWN WOMAN WITH A LARGE HAT : Whyte & Sons Studio, Union Street, Glasgow. Authenticity is a strange concept when it comes to photography. Even the best photographic image is far from authentic. Repairing old photographs does not destroy their authenticity, it merely shifts it onto another plain. So bring on the filters and get … Continue reading AUTHENTICITY?