Two Unknown Women At The Seaside (1940s) This little two inch square print fell out of my "Unknown Photos" box whilst I was rescuing another print. It clearly was determined to be scanned and processed and shared with the world - so here it is. Whoever the subjects are, they were frozen in time and … Continue reading FROZEN IN TIME AND SURROUNDED BY HISTORY


1920s Photograph : Marine Hotel, Barmouth A photograph from a collection of unknown and unloved old photos which I acquired for a few pounds on eBay. It is captioned "Marine Hotel, Barmouth" and probably dates from the 1920s. It was in monochrome: I have taken the liberty of adding a dash of colour to its … Continue reading MARINE HOTEL

From Alpine Pram-Pushing To The Age Of Snaps

So here we are, a new month, and safely returned from a week in the Dolomites pushing a pram up a mountainside. Alpine pram-pushing is still a relatively new sport, and there was a possibility that we might have been chosen for the British team for the Winter Olympics, but a couple of unfortunate falls … Continue reading From Alpine Pram-Pushing To The Age Of Snaps

Pablo Picasso, The Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence

I have suitcases full of old photographs, acquired from here, there, and endless market stalls: lost and unwanted prints of people long forgotten and places long gone. My escape route from grim reality is to delve into these collections, and befriend one of the anonymous subjects. As a pastime it is relatively harmless, less challenging … Continue reading Pablo Picasso, The Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence

The Man With The Hat

Someone once said that an image is a collection of lines and shapes that evokes memories and emotions (*), and if this is the case, I am addicted to images. Like any serious collector - be it of beermats, vintage tractors, or artificial limbs - I am always in search of new and pleasing images … Continue reading The Man With The Hat

Stop Messing About

"Stop messing about" is a cry that has accompanied my entire life. "Stop messing about and get on with your homework, stop messing about and get down to some real work ....": you can change the latter part of the sentence, but the first few words remain the same. Some time the cry comes from … Continue reading Stop Messing About

A Visual Thing

There is a joy in found photographs - a combination of the satisfaction of discovery and the slightly guilty pleasure of historical voyeurism. Take a crumpled old photograph from who knows where. The subjects are nameless and the location is placeless. In scanning the photograph you are preserving it for the future, but, at the … Continue reading A Visual Thing

Bursting With Life

This is one of those old photographs that Is so full of life it is almost bursting. Whatever is going on - and you could happily spend an hour or two trying to work out exactly what is going on - is captured to perfection by the photographer. In addition to all that, for a … Continue reading Bursting With Life

Matching Moods On Sepia Saturday

I have been participating in the Sepia Saturday project for the best part of ten years and matching themes for most of that time. I have featured pictures of bridges to match bridges and pictures of my granny in a hat to coincide with hat week. After getting on for 600 weeks, however, I now … Continue reading Matching Moods On Sepia Saturday