Count The Chimneys

When I was a lad, the school geography text book had a picture of Halifax, taken from somewhere near Godley Bridge, and the task was to count the mill chimneys. Whatever the answer was - I don't think I ever managed a full count - it proved that Halifax was a mill town. I took … Continue reading Count The Chimneys

Risky Holly

I accept that this might not be an accurate representation of the scene: the lens had an angle wider than a wheat field and the filters came from a paint box. Nevertheless accuracy can be an overvalued characteristic in photography. Taken from Shepherds Thorn Lane (///, looking towards Brighouse and Clifton.

Two Images: A Duvet Emergency

Two photographs from today remind me that interesting images surround us all the time and all they need is framing. I took the first photograph as I lay in bed this morning enjoying my first cup of tea of the day. I had been banging my head against a brick Wordle, and then somehow managed … Continue reading Two Images: A Duvet Emergency


I was attempting to follow the course of the Hebble Brook yesterday as it slunk its way under North Bridge before it gets lost deep beneath the Sainsbury's Car Park. During the course of my explorations I took this photograph which manages to capture three bridges over the anything but mighty river. The first is … Continue reading THREE CROSSINGS

Noble Glory

I took this rather odd photograph of the spire of Square Church, Halifax yesterday. It wasn't a particularly good photograph, but somehow it said something about Halifax. I have an app which records the what3words geolocation code for each photograph I take. The code for this one just happened to be ///glory.noble.forget. Forget the forget, … Continue reading Noble Glory

Culture And Chips

We had guests staying for the weekend and it was a privilege to show them a little of what this area has to offer: a sunny day in Haworth; the magnificent Cliffe Castle in Keighley; fish and chips at Blakeleys in Brighouse; browsing for books at Waterstones in the Wool Exchange, Bradford; admiring the windows … Continue reading Culture And Chips

Derwentwater, July 1928

Scanning some old photographs from an album of my uncle's, Harry Moore, I was fairly sure this was the Lake District, and captioned it accordingly. I then found an old, faded, penciled caption written in the album which I managed to read when I scanned it with high contrast. I can therefore be even more … Continue reading Derwentwater, July 1928