Doing Daft Things To Burdock Way

It rained a lot this weekend so I passed the time doing daft things to Burdock Way, Halifax. My picture shows where the flyover crosses Hopwood Lane and gently winds down to earth as it heads for King Cross. Without the daft things it is utilitarian and concretey. Add daft things and it is much … Continue reading Doing Daft Things To Burdock Way

The Man With The Hat

Someone once said that an image is a collection of lines and shapes that evokes memories and emotions (*), and if this is the case, I am addicted to images. Like any serious collector - be it of beermats, vintage tractors, or artificial limbs - I am always in search of new and pleasing images … Continue reading The Man With The Hat

Stop Messing About

"Stop messing about" is a cry that has accompanied my entire life. "Stop messing about and get on with your homework, stop messing about and get down to some real work ....": you can change the latter part of the sentence, but the first few words remain the same. Some time the cry comes from … Continue reading Stop Messing About

Filtering On The Beach

This is based on a photograph I must have taken back in the 1980s. It wasn't a particularly good photograph in the first place, but experience suggests that poor photographs are good raw material for "filtering" (Filtering = the process of applying Photoshop filters in order to make pleasing images). At a guess, it was … Continue reading Filtering On The Beach

On The Sands

Messing about on the sands in Cleethorpes forty years ago. Messing about with a photograph of messing about on the sands in Cleethorpes, late last night. Whisky glass in hand, Photoshop filters all lined up. Photographs become reduced to shapes, colours reduced to shades. On the sands.

Port Sunlight

We took a trip to Port Sunlight yesterday. Despite the cloudy skies and intermittent rain (the blue sky on one of my photographs is there because of wishful thinking), it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. It was interesting to compare Port Sunlight with the previous generation of model industrial villages such as Akroydon and Saltaire; … Continue reading Port Sunlight

Away 1 : Fish And Chips On The Front

AWAY 1 : There used to be home and away. Home was where you lived fifty-one weeks of the year. Away was your week at the seaside.  This, however, was quite a late shot: the give away is that the fish and chips are in polystyrene boxes. By the 1980s, away was more likely to … Continue reading Away 1 : Fish And Chips On The Front