Bursting With Life

This is one of those old photographs that Is so full of life it is almost bursting. Whatever is going on - and you could happily spend an hour or two trying to work out exactly what is going on - is captured to perfection by the photographer. In addition to all that, for a … Continue reading Bursting With Life

Matching Moods On Sepia Saturday

I have been participating in the Sepia Saturday project for the best part of ten years and matching themes for most of that time. I have featured pictures of bridges to match bridges and pictures of my granny in a hat to coincide with hat week. After getting on for 600 weeks, however, I now … Continue reading Matching Moods On Sepia Saturday

Strangers 1

Man and Child (1511 Neg Purchase) Sometimes an image can be so visually stunning, that it leaves a lasting impression on you. This particular image is taken from a medium format negative that turned up in a job lot of old, discarded negatives I bought on eBay a number of years ago. I suspect I … Continue reading Strangers 1

Expectation And Warning

All photographs capture time: old photographs capture history. This is a random image from my "Lost and Found" box - I know neither man nor dog, neither time nor place. There was a pencilled caption on the reverse of the tiny print which said "D and Louchs", but which is which I have no idea. … Continue reading Expectation And Warning

What Are You Doing Here?

I have a box in my room full of photographs, negatives, postcards and other odd bits of ephemera waiting to be scanned. Some are my old photographs, some are of family members from generations long gone, but most are unknown oddities I have acquired over a lifetime's fascination with images. When the weather is too … Continue reading What Are You Doing Here?


As far as I know there isn’t a name for it: it isn’t a recognised pastime, there are no societies for the propagation of it, nor journals that record the annals of its proceedings. I am, however, dedicated to digging up old images. It has the distinct advantage - when compared to its second-cousin, archeology … Continue reading ARCHAEOTOGRAPHY

Get A Life

Well, there you go - doesn't three months go quickly when you have nothing better to do than produce your own daily calendar. When I started the project, I thought it might last a week or two - a month at the most, but now I am surrounded by calendar pages, and I have posted … Continue reading Get A Life