A Message About Mediums

When I was young, the Canadian philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, was all the rage. He is, of course, most famous for his premise that "the medium is the message" - the concept that the way ideas are circulated is as important as the ideas themselves. It has always been a concept that has fascinated me, and, … Continue reading A Message About Mediums

Conversations With My Grandfather

I've always found that the march of technological innovation has been faster than anything I could reasonably predict. I remember in the very early days of computers, speculating that one day - in the distant future - it would be possible to have all the knowledge stored in the full Encyclopaedia Brittanica, available on a … Continue reading Conversations With My Grandfather

So Enoch Was A Motor Driver’s Mate

It is the day that all cultivators of family trees have been waiting for, the day of the great reveal, the day some of the questions get answered. Yes, it is the release of the 1921 census records, and genealogy addicts have been rushing online to find out exactly what their grandfathers or great-grandfathers - … Continue reading So Enoch Was A Motor Driver’s Mate

A Walk In The Park With Edith Scheusz-Mohlheimer

On a miserable wet and grey day, what better is there to do than go for a walk in the park? You don't go for a walk in the park to get anywhere, such walks are aimless in the best sense of the word. They are voyages of discovery, where what is being discovered is … Continue reading A Walk In The Park With Edith Scheusz-Mohlheimer

On The Sands

Messing about on the sands in Cleethorpes forty years ago. Messing about with a photograph of messing about on the sands in Cleethorpes, late last night. Whisky glass in hand, Photoshop filters all lined up. Photographs become reduced to shapes, colours reduced to shades. On the sands.

Back Street In Elland

There is something typically Yorkshire about cobbled back streets. Strong, functional, individualistic: taking you from A to B without any fuss, and even less fancy. I took this particular photograph in Elland back in the 1970s - back in pre-wheelie-bin days.

Around The World In 80 Words : 13. WHISKER

"I'm confused," said Lucy. "You're confused! What about me? I'm the one who is supposed to be finding our way around the world in just eighty word changes to our what3words geolocation code," I replied. "It might help if you turned the your map the right way up," was the short-tempered response from my dog. … Continue reading Around The World In 80 Words : 13. WHISKER

December Days 2

I recently became a member of the Labologists Society and therefore I decided that I had better acquire some beer bottle labels. This one, from the Gambrinus Brewery in Weiden in Der Oberfalz, Germany, celebrates the life of the German composer, Max Reger (1873-1916), who was born in Weiden. I have a feeling that this … Continue reading December Days 2