Around The World In Eighty Words : 3. LUCK

"You call this luck!", Lucy said with the kind of sneer only a dog could deliver. In her defence, it has to be said that we were tracking through a tropical rain forest in the middle of the day, miles from anyone and with only a few outrageously large insects for company. It should also … Continue reading Around The World In Eighty Words : 3. LUCK

A Prize Shot

This is from a strip of six negatives from the mid 1960s. The photographs were taken, as far as I can remember, at the Halifax Gala in Manor Heath. I may have featured some of these photographs before, I can't remember, but they are probably worth a second outing. The first of the six photographs … Continue reading A Prize Shot

Port Sunlight

We took a trip to Port Sunlight yesterday. Despite the cloudy skies and intermittent rain (the blue sky on one of my photographs is there because of wishful thinking), it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. It was interesting to compare Port Sunlight with the previous generation of model industrial villages such as Akroydon and Saltaire; … Continue reading Port Sunlight

A Tram To The Dutchman

An old picture postcard of Boothtown Road in Halifax lands in my collection: a typical scene from the first decade of the twentieth century with tramlines and empty streets. If you look carefully at the photograph, you can make out part of the Akroydon model village on the left of the road and, in the … Continue reading A Tram To The Dutchman

Around The World In Eighty Words : 2. SELECTION

"Good God, it's hot!", said Lucy. "Stop complaining", I replied, "and while we are at it, watch your language, they're very religious in these parts, there are mosques all over the place". "I'm entitled to my opinion", countered Lucy, somewhat defensively. "You might well be entitled to an opinion", I said, "but you're not entitled … Continue reading Around The World In Eighty Words : 2. SELECTION

Around The World In Eighty Words : 1 SHORT

"What is it?", said Lucy. "It's more a question of what was it", I replied philosophically. "It could have been corn, it might have been hay, even possibly wheat; but right now it is stubble, and more to the point, it digs into your ankles". "Tell me about it", whined Lucy, "I've got twice as … Continue reading Around The World In Eighty Words : 1 SHORT

In The North

This unused picture postcard - which came into my possession by fair means or foul, originated in France in 1916. It shows a cartoon by the artist, Jean Louis Forain, and is entitled “Dans le Nord - En Esclavage” (In the North - In Bondage). The drawing contains a quotation from the proclamation issued by … Continue reading In The North

Around The World In Eighty Words : START

You know what it's like. You've had a drink or two too many, you are on the edge of being bored, Coronation Street is not what it was, you want to broaden your horizons ...... so you get into one of those "I bet I could" conversations. I would like to say that it was … Continue reading Around The World In Eighty Words : START