Probably Not

This is the result of an experiment to see whether a truly bad photograph can be made interesting. First take a truly bad photograph, which I did whilst driving around a roundabout as a passenger in a car. Without thought of composition or content, I just pressed the shutter button. Next set to with cropping, … Continue reading Probably Not


Youth is a time for falling in love. Whilst middle age can be devoted to fame and fortune and old age to remembering where you left your false teeth: youth is the time to open your heart to passion. As a young man I fell in love with breweries. I realise that this may make … Continue reading ON YOUTHFUL PASSION AND THE AROMA OF BOILING WORT AND HOPS


Grey sands, leading to a grey sea, under a grey sky. Skegness in the 1980s. It was a bit of a grey decade for me - the decade I lost my hearing. Nearly forty summers ago. Were things quieter then - or did I simply get up earlier? There weren’t as many trees, not as … Continue reading 1000 PHOTOGRAPHS (1)

Printerless Series 1

BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM, BRADFORD ROAD, FIXBY For reasons too long to relate, I find myself without a printer. For someone who is obsessed with images, this is akin to a fell-walker being in bed with a broken leg. At this stage, I am not entirely sure when I will be able to lay my hands on … Continue reading Printerless Series 1

Risky Holly

I accept that this might not be an accurate representation of the scene: the lens had an angle wider than a wheat field and the filters came from a paint box. Nevertheless accuracy can be an overvalued characteristic in photography. Taken from Shepherds Thorn Lane (///, looking towards Brighouse and Clifton.

Two Images: A Duvet Emergency

Two photographs from today remind me that interesting images surround us all the time and all they need is framing. I took the first photograph as I lay in bed this morning enjoying my first cup of tea of the day. I had been banging my head against a brick Wordle, and then somehow managed … Continue reading Two Images: A Duvet Emergency

25 Prints (4)

The fourth group of shortlisted photographs for my "25 Prints" project contains the usual mix of new and old, and pictures from near and far. If there is a common thread to this group - and I didn't intend there to be - it is that they have strayed some distance away from the idea … Continue reading 25 Prints (4)