A Walk Around Halifax

I have been taking photographs of Halifax for the best part of sixty years, but it is something I never get bored with. I happily take every chance I get to walk around the streets of the town I have always called "home", looking for new insights, new frames, new angles and new shapes. I … Continue reading A Walk Around Halifax

Flying Through The Skegness Skies

This strange contraption perhaps gives a new meaning to the phrase "fell off the back of a wagon"! The wagon was "on the front" at Skegness, more years ago than I care to remember. It was always a blurred picture, it was always slightly unreal. The only thing to do with it was to make … Continue reading Flying Through The Skegness Skies

Probably Not

This is the result of an experiment to see whether a truly bad photograph can be made interesting. First take a truly bad photograph, which I did whilst driving around a roundabout as a passenger in a car. Without thought of composition or content, I just pressed the shutter button. Next set to with cropping, … Continue reading Probably Not


Youth is a time for falling in love. Whilst middle age can be devoted to fame and fortune and old age to remembering where you left your false teeth: youth is the time to open your heart to passion. As a young man I fell in love with breweries. I realise that this may make … Continue reading ON YOUTHFUL PASSION AND THE AROMA OF BOILING WORT AND HOPS


Grey sands, leading to a grey sea, under a grey sky. Skegness in the 1980s. It was a bit of a grey decade for me - the decade I lost my hearing. Nearly forty summers ago. Were things quieter then - or did I simply get up earlier? There weren’t as many trees, not as … Continue reading 1000 PHOTOGRAPHS (1)

Printerless Series 1

BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM, BRADFORD ROAD, FIXBY For reasons too long to relate, I find myself without a printer. For someone who is obsessed with images, this is akin to a fell-walker being in bed with a broken leg. At this stage, I am not entirely sure when I will be able to lay my hands on … Continue reading Printerless Series 1

Risky Holly

I accept that this might not be an accurate representation of the scene: the lens had an angle wider than a wheat field and the filters came from a paint box. Nevertheless accuracy can be an overvalued characteristic in photography. Taken from Shepherds Thorn Lane (///holly.risky.mutual), looking towards Brighouse and Clifton.