Lowry In A River

LOWRY IN A RIVER, BLACK BROOK, WEST VALE, September 2020 Now Lowry is hung upon the wallBeside the greatest of them allAnd even the Mona Lisa takes a bowThis tired old man with hair like snowTold northern folk it's time to goThe fever came and the good lord mopped his browAnd he left us matchstalk … Continue reading Lowry In A River

Time After Time

Halifax Town Hall & Broad Street Car Park (c1972) My negatives are cut into strips of six, and, over the years, the individual strips have been moved so many times, they no longer have a logical sequence. Whilst each shot within the six is, obviously, related in time and place to those adjacent, the same … Continue reading Time After Time

Anglo Works (But Not Like It Used To)

TRIPPET LANE & HOLLY STREET, SHEFFIELD (c1982) Another foggy, snow-covered day in Sheffield in the early 1980s (did I only ever venture out with my camera when there was Snow on the ground?). Even I don't need help with the location of this particular photograph: whilst there have been so many changes to this part … Continue reading Anglo Works (But Not Like It Used To)