A Patch Of Land

This is a photograph showing the lower part of Halifax, which I must have taken in the 1960s. There is a mist - or perhaps a fog - clinging to the town and making it sufficiently difficult to pinpoint actual buildings, there is an element of challenge about it. What can be clearly seen are … Continue reading A Patch Of Land

Memories, Thick And Fast

This certainly isn't my best photograph from the 1960s - there's a bit of camera shake, the developing was more miss than hit, and it was a dark, wet, misty day to start out with. But what it lacks in photographic quality, it makes up in part with atmosphere. As I look at it now, … Continue reading Memories, Thick And Fast

Old Photo, Old Bank, Old Friends

The last shot in this particular sequence of negatives from fifty years ago focuses on people rather than places; but still has a fair amount to tell us about changes to Halifax over the last half century. I think I must have taken this picture from Old Bank, which was the cobbled road that ran … Continue reading Old Photo, Old Bank, Old Friends

Wild Halifax

I spent yesterday sheltering from Storm Francis. What else is there to do other than to play around with images - in this case some of the photographs I took in Halifax on Monday (a sunny day). As the rain poured down, it was time to open up the Photoshop and let my imagination run … Continue reading Wild Halifax

Rainbow Ripples In The Old Mill Stream

I posted one of my old photographs, of Fletchers' Mill in Halifax, to the Old Halifax Facebook Group yesterday. It's an image I haveĀ featured on this BlogĀ before, but it was new to the Old Halifax Group. Several people wrote in with memories of the mill. Someone in particular mentioned that the waste dyes from the … Continue reading Rainbow Ripples In The Old Mill Stream

A Sunny Day In Halifax

It was a rare sunny day yesterday, and I happened to be in Halifax with a little time to kill. So I wandered the streets, some of which I have been familiar with all my life, others of which I discovered had been hiding from me for seventy years. This is Halifax old and new, … Continue reading A Sunny Day In Halifax

Simply Halifax

This is a photograph of Old Lane in Halifax I took almost fifty years ago. I was following the footsteps of the great photographer Bill Brandt, who had walked the same streets in Halifax thirty years before that. This remains one of my favourite photographs of Dean Clough - the simplicity of the shapes are … Continue reading Simply Halifax

Steel City Snow

More photographs of Sheffield from the 1980s. Looking back at these old photographs of mine, I can't help but try to identify what has changed, not so much in terms of buildings, but in terms of the feel and the atmosphere. These grainy black and white images are responsible for a lot of the perceived … Continue reading Steel City Snow

Colouring The Family Tree 2

Once you become addicted to colourising your old family photographs it is difficult to know when to stop. Here are a selection of my old family photographs that have been through the colourising machine this week. One of my favourite photographs of the Liverpool Usher sisters. The one on the right is my late mother-in-law, … Continue reading Colouring The Family Tree 2