Monthly Archives: August 2020


I took this photograph of the stone steps leading up the side of Godley Bridge in Halifax only yesterday. It was just after I had taken a picture of Beacon Hill and discovered that the What3Words geotag for that location was “submit.steep.spots”. When I looked at my photo of the steps later, I so wanted the geotag to be “steps.stone.shadows”. Alas, those three words have been allocated to a hillside in Villa De Vallecas, a few miles south-east of the Spanish capital, Madrid. It’s a pity: I bet they don’t have any stone steps there. The geotag for the Godley Bridge steps turns out to be “intelligible.spare.taking”. I’m still trying to find some meaning in that!

If It Wasn’t For The Trees In-Between

This photograph must have been taken some time around 1972. Friends were visiting from “down south” and being shown Halifax – and where better to see it from than the top of Godley Bridge? Halifax was changing by then, new buildings were appearing on the skyline, and old mill chimneys were vanishing. My wife and I were passing the spot this photograph was taken from only yesterday, and I couldn’t resist trying to recreate it, although only one member of the original cast was available for the reunion. The spot is the same, and the view wouldn’t be all that dissimilar – if it wasn’t for the trees in-between.