A Sunny Day In Halifax

It was a rare sunny day yesterday, and I happened to be in Halifax with a little time to kill. So I wandered the streets, some of which I have been familiar with all my life, others of which I discovered had been hiding from me for seventy years. This is Halifax old and new, Halifax in transition between lockdown and re-awakening.

There are places in Halifax where the new and the old sit side by side in harmony, each accentuating the virtues of the other. On Blackwall, the Old Halifax Court House provides a fitting counterpoint to the unashamedly modern Halifax bank building.

The Beehive and Cross Keys has always faced the Playhouse Theatre, signifying the fine balance between art and entertainment. Now the Beehive is dead, the Keys have been uncrossed, and – for the moment – there are now plays at the Playhouse. Hopefully, the Playhouse will be back stronger than ever next year, but it is unlikely the same can be said about the Beehive.

One thought on “A Sunny Day In Halifax

  1. Hi Alan, may I say your photos of old Halifax are amazing and bring back long and distant memories.
    I was brought up in Boothtown, Rawson Street North until I was 8 years old. I lived on Martin Street with my Grandparents, and my relations lived on Luther street. Do you have any old photo’s of these places. I moved to Doncaster in the mid-sixties but have always visited my roots whenever possible.
    Very kind regards,
    Steve Woodward


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