Love Amongst The Cabbages

It's just one of those photos; taken in happier days, developed, printed and stuck in an album to fade to a memory. Then the memory is gone and the rememberer is gone and the album page gets lost and torn until someone says, "put it in a job lot of old photos on eBay, there's … Continue reading Love Amongst The Cabbages

Rainy Days And Mondays

Here is another of my photographs of Sheffield taken back in the 1980s. The common feature of so many of these seems to be that they were taken on rainy days and Mondays, but there were still shops on the streets, cars on the roads and shoppers going about their business. This is Surrey Street, … Continue reading Rainy Days And Mondays

Colouring The Family Tree

These days, cars can drive themselves down motorways, computers can land aeroplanes, and algorithms can determine future accademic success.... and nifty little smartphone apps can add colour to your dead grandmothers' face. The technology is there, but should we use it just because it is available? I must confess, I can't decide: in some ways … Continue reading Colouring The Family Tree

Greetings From Elland

When you go to Paris, you take a photograph of the Eiffel Tower, in New York it's the Statue of Liberty .... and when you visit Elland it has to be the Calder Valley from Hullen Edge. I must have taken this photograph in the late 1970s: the bypass looks as though it is still … Continue reading Greetings From Elland

The Failure Of Medieval GPS

Even with photographs taken fifty years ago, I am normally pretty good at remembering roughly where they were taken. Perhaps I can't always pin down the actual street corner or the back alley, but, in most cases, when I clicked the camera shutter release, some form of medieval GPS geotagged the image in my mind. … Continue reading The Failure Of Medieval GPS

A Lazy S

Whenever I look at my old photographs of Halifax from the sixties and seventies, I am reminded of just how much it was a period of change for the town. Roads were being built whilst others were being demolished, chimneys were coming down whilst tower blocks were going up. And the trees were coming back: … Continue reading A Lazy S

Framed By A Window

This is quite an unusual shot for a variety of reasons. Let's forget for a moment who these four people are, and where they were: both are unknown and not massively important in the great scheme of things - especially to the lover of old lost and found photographs. We do have, however, quite a … Continue reading Framed By A Window

Where Houses Weren’t And Mills Still Were

Here is the second of the photographs taken from the top of Beacon Hill, Halifax in the early 1970s. My camera has swung around, so now I am looking in the direction of The Shay and Savile Park. You can just make out the three graces - St Jude's Church, Crossley Heath and Wainhouse Tower … Continue reading Where Houses Weren’t And Mills Still Were