The Streets Of Elland

This is a series of photographs taken in Elland, Yorkshire, sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. Looking at the individual photographs, I can almost trace the route I took through the bottom end of the town. It was part of Elland that had been recently detached from the rest of the town by the building of the new link road, and it seemed that, rather like a severed stem, it had been left to the withering process of industrial decline. Mill yards were empty of workers and mill chimneys were devoid of smoke. The sign pointing to the town centre seemed to have lost its way, not sure of where the centre was. Forty years later, you get the impression, that it is still not sure.

Halifax As It Was


Looking back at this photograph I must have taken sometime around 1968, it has a staged feeling to it, as though it has been carefully posed as an album cover for a Champion Jack Dupree LP. It wasn’t staged, however, nor were the colour tampered with. This was Halifax as it was, caught midway between old railway lines and new flyovers, cooling towers and leisure centres, scrapyards and supermarkets.