Monthly Archives: September 2020

Halifax Shapes


I think I took this photograph in Halifax Borough Market over fifty years ago. I can’t be sure: what with a memory as grainy as my negatives and an incomplete on-line database of market stall holders. However, L Chapman’s sounds familiar, and, anyway, these are Halifax shapes. The taut headscarves, the Summer Wine hats, the coats designed to keep out the chill of a wind swept down from Ovenden Moors. This could never be Chipping Sodbury …. thank heavens!

Steam Geolocation


The kids these days have it easy: pick up their smartphones, click the button, and applecadabra they have a photograph which is automatically dated and geolocated to within a metre of where they are standing. When I was a young lad – alright, when I was pushing middle age – you had to be inventive if, in your dotage, you wanted to remember where you took a photograph. You had to find a convenient building with a name on and incorporate that into the photograph. What better than a timeless, solid, signal box. The only problem was, within a few years someone had come along and demolished your geotag, it had vanished like a puff of steam.