Filling Up

Let's travel back in time. It was the mid 1960s and I was earning a little extra money whilst still at school by working in the local petrol station in Northowram. This was before the days of self-service, so my job was to go out and fill the cars up with petrol. Occasionally I would … Continue reading Filling Up

Pablo Picasso, The Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence

I have suitcases full of old photographs, acquired from here, there, and endless market stalls: lost and unwanted prints of people long forgotten and places long gone. My escape route from grim reality is to delve into these collections, and befriend one of the anonymous subjects. As a pastime it is relatively harmless, less challenging … Continue reading Pablo Picasso, The Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence

Copley Bridge

The bridge which spanned the River Calder at the village of Copley, near Halifax, formed a solid memory from my youth. Often I would run over its' hefty stone spans on school cross country runs, whilst at other times I would stroll the route, pausing to watch the river flow by on its' way from … Continue reading Copley Bridge

So Enoch Was A Motor Driver’s Mate

It is the day that all cultivators of family trees have been waiting for, the day of the great reveal, the day some of the questions get answered. Yes, it is the release of the 1921 census records, and genealogy addicts have been rushing online to find out exactly what their grandfathers or great-grandfathers - … Continue reading So Enoch Was A Motor Driver’s Mate