So Enoch Was A Motor Driver’s Mate

It is the day that all cultivators of family trees have been waiting for, the day of the great reveal, the day some of the questions get answered. Yes, it is the release of the 1921 census records, and genealogy addicts have been rushing online to find out exactly what their grandfathers or great-grandfathers – or for those so young that they should have better things to do – great-great grandfathers, were doing on the 19th June 1921. Getting access to the records is not cheap, so you still need two be selective in which particular gene pool you go fishing, but I could not resist getting the record for my grandfather, Enoch Burnett, which included information about my father and his brothers and sisters. There weren’t too many surprises; my father was still at school and his brothers and sisters were all working in the mills around Great Horton in Bradford. My grandmother looked after the home in Arctic Parade, but my grandfather, Enoch, was the main surprise. From previous census records I had been used to him as a window cleaner and a fairground labourer, but here he is in 1921 working as a motor driver’s mate. That piece of information alone was worth the cost of accessing the record.

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