I Must Return To Brid Again

This is unmistakably Bridlington: that harbour wall and those muddy moorings are seared into my DNA like deep fried haddock and chips. And, just as unmistakably, that is my mother and that is me, so the date must have been around 1950. As with so many old family seaside snaps, it is memory-rich. If spring … Continue reading I Must Return To Brid Again

Market Stalls, Halifax 1981

This new image is based on a photograph I took forty years ago in Halifax. It was taken in the Piece Hall when that fine building was going through one of its early transitions from redundant wholesale marketplace to open-air retail market. It was busy and purposeful, but the location was of secondary importance: the … Continue reading Market Stalls, Halifax 1981

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

The 1980s were a difficult years for me in some ways. Over the course of decade, I was gradually losing my hearing, and gradually learning to live with the knowledge that it would not be returning. In some ways it was like going into a personal lockdown. At the time we were living in Sheffield … Continue reading Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Doing Daft Things To Burdock Way

It rained a lot this weekend so I passed the time doing daft things to Burdock Way, Halifax. My picture shows where the flyover crosses Hopwood Lane and gently winds down to earth as it heads for King Cross. Without the daft things it is utilitarian and concretey. Add daft things and it is much … Continue reading Doing Daft Things To Burdock Way

Walking The Streets Of Stoke

To the best of my recollection, it was fifty years ago when I took this photograph. It was the early 1970s, and I was at university at Keele in Staffordshire. Most weekends were spent either in London, where my soon to be wife was at university, or back in Halifax where we both came from. … Continue reading Walking The Streets Of Stoke

Two Characters In Search Of A Story

This has to be one of the strangest photographs in my family collection. I have no idea who the couple are, but they undoubtedly fit somewhere on my family tree as I seem to have inherited two, quite different, photographs of the same couple from different sources. The second photograph - which came to me … Continue reading Two Characters In Search Of A Story

Back Home

I've been back home a week from my pram-pushing excursion to the snowy Dolomites, and for one reason or another I don't seem able to settle into a routine. Even my desk-top calendar was left uncreated. Time for a hard reset, and what better way to celebrate being back home than with one of the … Continue reading Back Home