Noble Glory

I took this rather odd photograph of the spire of Square Church, Halifax yesterday. It wasn't a particularly good photograph, but somehow it said something about Halifax. I have an app which records the what3words geolocation code for each photograph I take. The code for this one just happened to be ///glory.noble.forget. Forget the forget, … Continue reading Noble Glory

Union Beyond Hope

When you build a town on a hillside, steps become a way of life. Even when the front door faces out at street level, the back door might leave you in near earth orbit. These strong stone steps were on Union Street, Halifax, forty years ago - and they are still there today. Countless bags … Continue reading Union Beyond Hope

Culture And Chips

We had guests staying for the weekend and it was a privilege to show them a little of what this area has to offer: a sunny day in Haworth; the magnificent Cliffe Castle in Keighley; fish and chips at Blakeleys in Brighouse; browsing for books at Waterstones in the Wool Exchange, Bradford; admiring the windows … Continue reading Culture And Chips

Fowlers’ Cards : This, That, And The Clans Of Scotland

Not all of the vintage postcards in my Great Uncle Fowler Beanland's collection are pictures of northern towns, moors, and glens. Like all collectors, Fowler cast his net wide, and exchanged cards with fellow enthusiasts. This particular card came from Scotland and is one of several in the collection which depict the tartans of the … Continue reading Fowlers’ Cards : This, That, And The Clans Of Scotland

Halifax Beyond Hope?

If you go beyond Hope Hall in Halifax, you get to Hope Hall Terrace. If you go beyond Hope Hall Terrace, you get to Back Hope Hall Terrace. That is where I took this photo forty or more years ago. It was cold and icy and for some reason the standpipes were out. You can … Continue reading Halifax Beyond Hope?

Fowlers’ Cards : The Longtown Connection

With a few exceptions, the majority of the hundred or so postcards in the collection put together by my Great Uncle Fowler over one hundred years ago, fit into three distinct geographic categories: East Lancashire where Fowlers' sister Eliza was living at the time; Keighley in the West Riding of Yorkshire where the family originated … Continue reading Fowlers’ Cards : The Longtown Connection


A photo I took 40 years ago and added some colour to 40 minutes ago. It shows what remains of the front of Hope Hall, Halifax, which is now the back of the Albany Club. 200 years ago it was the home of Christopher Rawson of¬†Gentleman Jack¬†fame. It's seen better days - but where there's … Continue reading Hope

Derwentwater, July 1928

Scanning some old photographs from an album of my uncle's, Harry Moore, I was fairly sure this was the Lake District, and captioned it accordingly. I then found an old, faded, penciled caption written in the album which I managed to read when I scanned it with high contrast. I can therefore be even more … Continue reading Derwentwater, July 1928