UNKNOWN WOMAN WITH A LARGE HAT : Whyte & Sons Studio, Union Street, Glasgow. Authenticity is a strange concept when it comes to photography. Even the best photographic image is far from authentic. Repairing old photographs does not destroy their authenticity, it merely shifts it onto another plain. So bring on the filters and get … Continue reading AUTHENTICITY?


HALIFAX DAILY COURIER & GUARDIAN, 9 MARCH 1932 :¬†Thumbing through a 90 year old newspaper and I find an advert that appeals to me. I think I would look good in that overcoat, and it is a bargain at only ¬£3.15p. But, hang on a moment: according to the Bank of England's On-Line Inflation Calculator … Continue reading SPRING INTO STYLE


VICTORIAN STUDIO PORTRAIT OF UNKNOWN WOMAN (BROWN, BARNES & BELL, LIVERPOOL) : The Victorians would have loved those smartphone apps where you can brighten your smile, get rid of your piggy eyes, and dissolve blemishes. Look carefully at any old Victorian studio portrait and you can see where eyebrows have been extended and spots scraped … Continue reading VICTORIAN REALITY


SHEFFIELD MIDLAND STATION (1983) Alan Burnett Another of my old photographs which I filed away into obscurity forty years ago, but return to now because I have nothing better to do. It is out of focus and blurred, but so are my memories. Don't ask me to say why I like it, I can't tell … Continue reading WAITING FOR THE TRAIN


Vintage Bus Tickets (Alan Burnett) There is something rather beautiful about old bus tickets. Those stout cardboard ones from seventy or so years ago, or those brightly coloured paper ones of forty or fifty years ago - there is both a tactile and visual pleasure in both. Where they exist today, bus tickets are meaningless … Continue reading TICKETS PLEASE


Two Unknown Women At The Seaside (1940s) This little two inch square print fell out of my "Unknown Photos" box whilst I was rescuing another print. It clearly was determined to be scanned and processed and shared with the world - so here it is. Whoever the subjects are, they were frozen in time and … Continue reading FROZEN IN TIME AND SURROUNDED BY HISTORY