Back Street In Elland

There is something typically Yorkshire about cobbled back streets. Strong, functional, individualistic: taking you from A to B without any fuss, and even less fancy. I took this particular photograph in Elland back in the 1970s - back in pre-wheelie-bin days.

Around The World In 80 Words : 13. WHISKER

"I'm confused," said Lucy. "You're confused! What about me? I'm the one who is supposed to be finding our way around the world in just eighty word changes to our what3words geolocation code," I replied. "It might help if you turned the your map the right way up," was the short-tempered response from my dog. … Continue reading Around The World In 80 Words : 13. WHISKER

December Days 2

I recently became a member of the Labologists Society and therefore I decided that I had better acquire some beer bottle labels. This one, from the Gambrinus Brewery in Weiden in Der Oberfalz, Germany, celebrates the life of the German composer, Max Reger (1873-1916), who was born in Weiden. I have a feeling that this … Continue reading December Days 2

The Passions Of Youth

Youth is a time for falling in love. Whilst middle age can be devoted to fame and fortune and old age to remembering where you left your false teeth: youth is the time to open your heart to passion. As a young man I fell in love with breweries. I realise that this may make … Continue reading The Passions Of Youth

December Days 1

A watercolour of a street in Halifax by my brother, Roger Burnett, painted thirty years ago. Part of the old Halifax Building Society headquarters and the dome of Lloyds Bank are clearly visible. A Victorian Cabinet Card from the London studio of Walter Saunders who was active in the last decade of the nineteenth century. … Continue reading December Days 1