December Days 2

I recently became a member of the Labologists Society and therefore I decided that I had better acquire some beer bottle labels. This one, from the Gambrinus Brewery in Weiden in Der Oberfalz, Germany, celebrates the life of the German composer, Max Reger (1873-1916), who was born in Weiden.
I have a feeling that this is a family photograph, but I have no idea which member of the family it features. Whoever he was, he probably came from Liverpool, and he was in the Royal Flying Corps.
Charles Street, Elland in the mid 1970s. A recent scan of one of my old medium format negatives.

My second group of December Desktop Calendar images brings together a beer bottle portrayal of a German composer, an unknown member of the Royal Flying Corps, and a photograph of mine from 40+ years ago of Charles Street in Elland.

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