That Was The Month

Another month - and another thirty daily calendar images. When I started this project back in January, I wrote about it lasting, at best, a month. One more month to go and that makes a year! Today's image is a reminder of what excellent photographers, the Victorians were. This photograph was taken at least 125 … Continue reading That Was The Month

On This Day : Clogs Fund For Halifax

CLOGS FUND FOR HALIFAX TO RELIEVE SERIOUS SITUATION Education Department To Administer You would shudder if you knew how many children in Halifax possess neither boots, nor clogs worthy the name of protection. The brightness of school is something that counts in many of these lives, but, however eager they are to go, their footwear … Continue reading On This Day : Clogs Fund For Halifax

Messing About With Elland

With little to do last night other than watch the snow settle, I started messing about with Elland (and why shouldn't I, most people have over recent years). In my case, Elland was in the form of a short strip of negatives from sometime in the 1980s. The three scenes were all familiar subjects to … Continue reading Messing About With Elland

Around The World In 80 Words : 12. Washing

One of the great delights of travelling around the world powered only by eighty word changes to your what3words geolocation code is that one minute you can be contemplating a volcano in far flung Lombok, and the next you can be strolling along a French boulevard contemplating nothing more challenging than a champagne supper. My … Continue reading Around The World In 80 Words : 12. Washing

Endless Days

I used to live next door to this imposing building. At one time it was a church, at other times it has been everything from a pathology facility to student accommodation. Each day I would climb those stone steps heading for the bus shelter and then .... to life. Annie Moore - Auntie Annie - … Continue reading Endless Days

Parade Through History

I was asked for more photographs of Northowram, so I dipped back into my archives of dusty old negatives and found this picture of a parade passing down Lydgate in Northowram in the late 1960s. It looks like the crowning of the Village Gala Queen, or some such event, and I suspect I took the … Continue reading Parade Through History

Making The Best

Not all photographs are good photographs. These days we get instant results from our digital cameras and smartphones, and those that are out of focus, under-exposed or decapitating the heads of relatives, can be instantly deleted. Back in the Film Age, however, the seasons could change between the shutter clicking and the prints arriving. This … Continue reading Making The Best

A Visual Thing

There is a joy in found photographs - a combination of the satisfaction of discovery and the slightly guilty pleasure of historical voyeurism. Take a crumpled old photograph from who knows where. The subjects are nameless and the location is placeless. In scanning the photograph you are preserving it for the future, but, at the … Continue reading A Visual Thing