Endless Days

I used to live next door to this imposing building. At one time it was a church, at other times it has been everything from a pathology facility to student accommodation. Each day I would climb those stone steps heading for the bus shelter and then …. to life.

Annie Moore – Auntie Annie – was my father’s sister and one of the funniest ladies you could hope to meet. Given different times and different fortunes she could have made a good living as a stand-up comedian. She wasn’t: she led something of a sheltered life, but her humour lives on in my memory.

This is a photograph of my niece, Diana, with her grandparents on some holiday beach or other. I have no idea how I came into possession of the tiny half-frame negative this is a scan of – but it found its way to me and now warms up a cold winter day.

Parade Through History

I was asked for more photographs of Northowram, so I dipped back into my archives of dusty old negatives and found this picture of a parade passing down Lydgate in Northowram in the late 1960s. It looks like the crowning of the Village Gala Queen, or some such event, and I suspect I took the photograph in either 1967 or 1968. The scenery is full of memories for me, having walked up that road, walked in the shadow of that monumental stone wall, hundreds of times on my way to school. The greengrocers is long gone, but the buildings still remain -much more sedate and domestic these days.