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Killing Three Birds With One Sea Urchin

My brother Roger sent me an email earlier today complementing me on the new Blog lay-out, and asking me to try and feature more of my old negatives and more old family photographs. I am able to kill two birds with one stone because, by chance, the next strip of negatives awaiting scanning features family members – indeed, none other than my brother himself. The six photographs on the negative strip are featured in the composite image below, and they were all taken during a family holiday to Scotland in the 1960s.  

The featured photograph at the top of this post shows Roger in a rowing boat, on – I think – Loch Levan, and holding a sea urchin shell which he had just pulled from the Loch. I am not entirely sure of the year – my best guess was 1963 – but by featuring the photograph here, there is a good chance that a comment will appear from my brother on the other side of the world, identifying the time precisely. Thus I will be able to date the negatives and kill three birds with one simple negative stone.

Drim Makes Your Nose Bigger


It was wartime: perhaps that’s an excuse. Even so, what possessed any self-respecting advertising agency to come up with a product name like “Drim”?. Perhaps they thought that it was only two letters away from “Dream”; but likewise it is only one letter away from “Grim”. “Become a Drim enthusiast today“, proclaims the advertiser’s copy. Even at 8d a tin, it appears that the line of enthusiastic followers was a short one: I can find no traces of Drim surviving into the postwar world.

The Drim advert comes from an issue of Picture Post magazine for the 6th November 1943. A second advert from the same issue caught my eye – or rather caught my nose – as I was flicking through the pages.


The advert seems to suggest that “worry, ill-health and age” are reflected in the size of your nose. Surely that can’t be the case. Where’s that mirror?