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20 Images : The Man With The Self-Changing Gear

Advert From 1931 Pageant Of Bradford Programme

My life continues to be dominated by the Herculean task of clearing the garage of thirty years of accumulated rubbish, so that a new door can be installed in ten days time. I have managed to dispose of a library’s worth of books, a china shop’s worth of cups and saucers, and enough old files, forms and facsimiles to keep a bureaucrat happy for months. A big part of the problem is that I find so many of the things I am supposed to put into rubbish sacks or charity bags fascinating, and so I attempt to rescue them from the shredder, and share them with all those other people who find 1931 adverts for Armstrong Siddeley cars equally enthralling. And that, of course, means you.

Drim Makes Your Nose Bigger


It was wartime: perhaps that’s an excuse. Even so, what possessed any self-respecting advertising agency to come up with a product name like “Drim”?. Perhaps they thought that it was only two letters away from “Dream”; but likewise it is only one letter away from “Grim”. “Become a Drim enthusiast today“, proclaims the advertiser’s copy. Even at 8d a tin, it appears that the line of enthusiastic followers was a short one: I can find no traces of Drim surviving into the postwar world.

The Drim advert comes from an issue of Picture Post magazine for the 6th November 1943. A second advert from the same issue caught my eye – or rather caught my nose – as I was flicking through the pages.


The advert seems to suggest that “worry, ill-health and age” are reflected in the size of your nose. Surely that can’t be the case. Where’s that mirror?