Looking Old

When I go through my old negatives looking for dating evidence, I normally focus on things such as car types, tv aerials, or even dustbin designs. Sometimes, however, a scene just "looks" old, and that is the case with this photograph of the view looking towards Shibden Valley from Beacon Hill. In fact, it looks … Continue reading Looking Old

Snicket Revisited

I took this photo 40 years ago. I have taken the same scene many times over the years; and so have many other photographers far better than me. The most famous version is Bill Brandt's 1937 "Snicket In Halifax", which forms part of the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art. A classic … Continue reading Snicket Revisited

Negative Archives NA01/1

NEGATIVE ARCHIVES : 35mm B&W Negatives (1970) NA01/1 Demolition, HalifaxGibbet Street, HalifaxBurdock Way, HalifaxGladys Burnett, NorthowramAlbert Burnett, Northowram A strip of five negatives which I took in 1970, at the time Burdock Way was under construction. The project involved substantial demolition work, and also some upgrading to the remaining property around the Gibbet Lane area. … Continue reading Negative Archives NA01/1

The Stone Gods Of Southowram

1697 : Ten From The Archives 9 : The Stone Gods Of Southowram STONE FIELD DIVISIONS, SOUTHOWRAM (1975) Like monoliths placed in tribute to the stone gods that gave these parts their economic meaning for centuries, these fine flagstones have paved the finest cities in the world. ¬†On the bleak hills of Southowram they are … Continue reading The Stone Gods Of Southowram