The Popular Author Of Self-Help Books On Constipation

It was one of those half silly, half embarrassing conversation most bloggers have had at one time or another. “So what do you do with your time these days” (the final phrase “now that you are waiting to die” was implied rather than said)? “Well, I do a little writing”. “Oh, what type of thing do you write?” I longed to say something daft such as “the instructions on the back of seed catalogues”, “self-help books on constipation”, or “epic poems in Gaelic”, but settled for the old stand-by. “This and that” By now my conversational partner is clearly wishing … Continue reading The Popular Author Of Self-Help Books On Constipation

Progressing Favourably On Cheap Pale Ale

I saw this advert in the Huddersfield Examiner and it seems like a bit of a bargain to me. Whilst the bottled Pale Ale seems to be selling at 4/- a pint (that is four shillings or 20p to those who are too young to be reading this blog), the cask conditioned India Pale Ale is selling at 1/10 per gallon (that is one shilling and ten pence or …..err ….. well not very much). Now I have just wasted a half hour of my time this evening (that is 30 minutes in new time) taking a load of beer … Continue reading Progressing Favourably On Cheap Pale Ale

A Dozen Dollops Of History 8 : Maudie’s Better For The Rest

My eighth found dollop of history (50 pence from the second hand shop) features a 1917 vintage postcard from Dover. Most vintage postcards date from the first decade of the twentieth century – the age of the postcard collecting boom when hundreds of thousands of cards were sent, received, and carefully added to postcard albums. Many cards were still sent during the next two decades, but by then the collecting hobby had subsided and consequently far fewer of them have survived. My eighth chance purchase at an antique fair is one of these later cards having been posted in 1917. … Continue reading A Dozen Dollops Of History 8 : Maudie’s Better For The Rest

With Judge Judy In Eastbourne

Two images from a scan of 35mm black and white negatives that I took some time in the early 1980s. The location is the south coast of England, I suspect somewhere near Eastbourne. Isobel did a short locus at the hospital there whilst still a medical student and we stayed down there together at the house of some friends. Whilst Isobel worked I would occupy myself with a variety of pointless activities. I did a lot of walking and exposed a good few films. When it rained – and being England, it did of course – I would turn up … Continue reading With Judge Judy In Eastbourne