Monthly Archives: May 2021

The Burnett Family

This is the only photograph I have of my grandparents and their four children. It must have been taken in 1917, when my father, Albert (in the sailor suit), was just six years old. His elder brother, John, was behind him in the photograph, dressed in his uniform and about to leave for France. My grandmother, Harriet-Ellen, is seated and her daughters, Annie (left) and Miriam (right) are pictured with her. Mt grandfather, Enoch, was already serving in France when the picture was taken, so an earlier photograph was “burnt” onto the print by the photographer. His almost ghostly appearance did not presage his fate, however: both he and his son John, survived the war and returned to their home in Bradford. The original print is cracked and very fragile, so I have made a new, high-resolution, digital copy to preserve it for future generations.

Trunk To Trunk

A walk in the woods around Artmitage Bridge yesterday suddenly brought us to a clearing and a massive stone mill chimney, fighting for light and life in the midst of the tall trees. Its mill was lost in the valley below, and at one time an underground flue connected the two. The mill machines have long been silent, but the chimney remains – protected by its Grade II listing – standing trunk to trunk in solidarity with the trees.