Monthly Archives: November 2020

Imaginary Prospecting

So here we are again: locked down and searching for ways of occupying ourselves between box sets. Next to my desk I have a suitcase full of old orphan photographs. These are photographs of unknown origin, things I have bought by the box full, job lots of memories. Whenever I have nothing better to do – and the whole point of retirement, indeed the whole joy of it, is never having anything better to do – I dip into the suitcase and go prospecting for images. I am not looking for Uncle Jim or Cousin Ada (by definition the subjects of these photographs, most of which are eighty or ninety years old, are nameless), I am looking for pleasing images. Like any kind of prospecting, success is not guaranteed and pictorial nuggets only occasionally come to the surface. That’s half the fun.

Change And The Wool Merchant

For more than a century a wool merchant has dominated the junction of King Street and Mulcture Hall Road in Halifax. For most of that time the building was the premises of the wool merchant business of H Holdsworth, but more recently it has been the home of the Wool Merchant Hotel. Whether trade or tourism, textiles or hospitality, the building stands proud, like some Calderdale Coliseum.

My photograph was taken in 1970 and for comparison there is also a current screen grab from Google Streetview. If you are bored in lockdown with nothing to do, you can always play a game of Spot The Difference between the two images. I don’t want to spoil things for you, but to start out with there is the colour of the stone and the hillside covered in trees. That is only a start, if you look carefully enough you can easily come up with a substantial list. That’s change for you!