A Bridge Between Then And Now

Waterloo Bridge, 1970 For well over a decade, Sepia Saturday has been a place where lovers of old photographs can share their images. For the last six months, the theme images have been taken from an alphabetical sampling of on-line photographic archives. The image provides some people with a prompt or theme to match with … Continue reading A Bridge Between Then And Now

Family 1 : Miriam In London

It's a far from perfect photograph: the composition is unconventional, the focus is unsteady and my Uncle Frank's finger seems to haveĀ obliterated the bottom corner of the shot: butĀ still it is one of my favourite family photographs. Frank Fieldhouse took the photograph whilst on a trip to London with his wife-to-be Miriam Burnett in August … Continue reading Family 1 : Miriam In London

The Demo

A short strip of four negatives that must date from the 1960s. More than likely it was 1968: that was the year of demonstrations, and that was the year I must have caught a coach to London, slogan at the ready and camera in hand. I can vaguely remember the crowds, the excitement, and the … Continue reading The Demo

Ten From The Pub 9 : Saloon Bar Friars

Saloon Bar Sign, Black Friar, London   The Black Friar in Queen Victoria Street, London is one of my favourite pubs. Back in days long gone by, I used to take groups of overseas visitors there as part of a tour of old London pubs. It is not only a fine pub, it is a … Continue reading Ten From The Pub 9 : Saloon Bar Friars

Ten From The Pub 8 : Say Cheese

The Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street, London (1987) I have just realised that I have got to number eight in this ten part series on pubs and all I have shown is buildings. Buildings in themselves - whatever their architectural merit, however much their timbers have absorbed centuries of malt and hops - are not pubs. … Continue reading Ten From The Pub 8 : Say Cheese