Nine Distilleries : 9. Jura

There are currently only eight distilleries on Islay, so to get to the last of my nine distilleries entailed a short ferry trip to the island of Jura. Despite being thirty miles long and seven miles wide, Jura has a population of less than 200, and only one road, one pub, and one distillery. The … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 9. Jura

Nine Distilleries : 8. Bowmore

Bowmore - the last of my Islay distilleries - is a bit special. It is situated in the town of the same name; or at least what passes for a town on Islay. It has a tasting room with views to die for and malt whiskies to make your passing entirely painless. It is one … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 8. Bowmore

Nine Distilleries : 7. Caol Ila

I wanted to go to the Caol Ila Distillery for two reasons. First, it would count towards my full set of Islay distilleries, and second, I was desperate to know how to pronounce it! For years, I have been going in pubs, seeing a bottle of Caol Ila behind the bar and being reluctant to … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 7. Caol Ila

Nine Distilleries : 6, Bunnahabhain

It was the kind of day where Mother Nature decides that colour is an optional extra. The road we drove along looked as if it was heading directly to the end of the world with no option to pass Go. The distillery had the look of a half-abandoned film set; brooding in a way that … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 6, Bunnahabhain

Nine Distilleries : 5. Lagavulin

We've all played this game: you are alone in a leaking hot air balloon above a crocodile infested lake. The only way to keep it from crashing is to progressively jettison the cargo - which comprises of twelve bottles of single malt whisky. Some are easily thrown over the side, others take more careful thought. … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 5. Lagavulin

Nine Distilleries : 4. Ardbeg

It was a bit of a black and white day when we visited the Ardbeg Distillery: the buildings were Islay white, but most other things including the clouds were black. Nevertheless the distillery complex managed to maintain the refined dignity of a maiden aunt, completely in keeping with an organisation owned by the Moët Hennessy … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 4. Ardbeg

Nine Distilleries. 3. Kilchoman

If Distillery No. 2 - opened in 1881 - was a young Islay distillery, the third in my series is positively neonatal. Kilchoman Farm Distillery only began production in 2005 and its first single malt whisky didn't go on sale until September 2009. New it may be, but it is a bit of a gem: … Continue reading Nine Distilleries. 3. Kilchoman

Nine Distilleries : 2. Bruichladdich

The second of the nine distilleries was Bruichladdich on the Rhinns of Islay. Built in 1881 - comparatively recently in Islay terms - it was the creation of the Harvey Brothers of Glasgow. It was designed by brother John, engineered by brother Robert, and financed by brother William. Despite its "modern" design, the fortunes of … Continue reading Nine Distilleries : 2. Bruichladdich

Nine Distilleries. 1. Laphroaig

I have just returned from a week on the beautiful island of Islay during which I managed to fit in a visit to each of the island's eight distilleries. Add on to that a quick trip over to the neighbouring island of Jura, and that is nine distilleries in total.  The first visit was only … Continue reading Nine Distilleries. 1. Laphroaig