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Northern Capitals 9 : On Deck


18DA35Anyone who has ever been on a cruise ship knows the feeling of relaxation that comes over you when you eventually stop hopping between ports and destinations and have a day at sea. It must have been the same in 1925 and our cruise around the northern capitals. At last there is time to soak up the sun and pose on deck with whichever ship’s officer may be passing.


Northern Capitals 8 : The Leaving Of Copenhagen



Page 8 of the album and it is time to leave Copenhagen. These days when a cruise ship leaves port, any visitors, friends, or onlookers are kept far away from the boat behind layers of security fences. In 1925 things were easier and more relaxed.





Northern Capitals 7 : Wonderful Copenhagen


18DA10We are on to page 7 of the 1925 photo album of a tour of the “Northern Capitals” and we are in the heart of one of those capitals – Copenhagen. The view of a city street looks like any other street in a major European city in 1925 – cars are beginning to take over the streets. The main square is instantly recognisable – I was in Copenhagen myself a couple of years ago and I explored the same square.


Northern Capitals 6 : Church of England



So typical of the English – they sail all the way to exotic European capitals and the first thing they do is to look for a typical English parish church. Our 1925 visitors to the northern capitals found St Albans Church in Copenhagen – they might as well have stayed in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Northern Capitals 5 : The Elsinore Kipper Factory


18CB85This particular picture is captioned “The Castle at Elsinore from Marienlyst” and if you direct your attention to the left of the photograph there is a castle which I assume is the castle in question. It is, however, also a photo of what looks like the kipper factory at Elsinore, and, towards the right of the photo, is a catching little detail of a group sat on a wooden jetty.



Northern Capitals 3 : Yours Truly

18CB66The question I have been asking myself since I acquired this 90-year-old photo album is, who took the photographs? I am now on to page three and I find the first hint of an answer. A photograph has been removed – as far as I can tell, the only one to have been removed from the collection – and it is captioned: “Yours Truly at Frederiksborg Castle”. All I am left with is a photograph of Marienlyst Hotel.


I have purposely not examined the rest of the album in any detail, so it may be that there are further clues down the line as to who took the photographs and put together this fine photo-journal of a 1925 tour of the Northern capitals.

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