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Proprietorial Pride Plus


There is a three-part novel’s worth of expressions and body language going on in this old photograph from my Lost And Found collection. For him, there is a kind of proprietorial pride about what is most likely a new motor car. For her it is far more complex; but that proprietorial pride is reflected in her expression but with added layers of complexity.

A Blackpool Treat


This tiny studio portrait was taken at Buckley’s Studio at Regents Square, Blackpool on the 28th August 1916. It is highly likely that this is a young lass from one of the northern towns visiting Blackpool for a Bank Holiday treat. A day out at Blackpool and a holiday portrait to save all your life – what better treat could anyone want?

The Man With The Unenhanced Beard


The Man With The Unenhanced Beard (1890s)
This Victorian Cabinet Card from the studio of John Leslie Thomas Shawcross of Blackburn had been touched-up by the photographer in order to enhance the gentleman’s beard. I have digitally removed the enhancement to restore it to its natural beauty.

The Lost Frier Of Ball’s Pond Road

Lost Frier Of The Ball’s Pond Road

An almost classic Victorian studio shot from the studios of a photographer called R Frier of Ball’s Pond Road in North London. I have not been able to find anything about Mr Frier or his studio. It is such a same that there is so little information about this generation of pioneer photographers.
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