Martin’s Bank And Ford Anglias

Photographs of streets always provide a fascinating insight into the past. The backdrop - the shape of the buildings and the layout of the streets - may last for centuries, but the decorations - the shop names and signs, the parked cars, the people - change all the time. This was Brighouse over half a … Continue reading Martin’s Bank And Ford Anglias

In The People’s Park

Another of the "Sketches of Halifax" from the 1882 article in the Illustrated London News. "In The People's Park: The People's Park, given to the town by the late Sir Francis Crossley ... was laid out with much taste and skill by Sir Joseph Paxton; and its terrace, shown in one of our Sketches, likewise … Continue reading In The People’s Park

A View Over Halifax, 1882

In August 1882, The Yorkshire Agricultural Society held its annual show at Saville Park, Halifax. The event drew considerable publicity, not just from other parts of the County, but from wider afield as well. The Illustrated London News - if you are not familiar with the publication, think of it as a bit like The … Continue reading A View Over Halifax, 1882

DAYS : Twigs, Windows And Koi Carp

PROMISE OF TREES TO COME Scanned twig (Please note, no trees were hurt in the making of this photograph) BACK STREET, SOHO, 1975 I remember being fascinated by the windows and their arrangement. It's as though they set out to create the very opposite of those grand Georgian buildings with their symmetrical windows - and … Continue reading DAYS : Twigs, Windows And Koi Carp