The Halifax Court

The 1851 Great Exhibition Of The Works Of Industry Of All Nations was an attempt to celebrate the advances in science, technology and manufacturing in the new, Victorian era. The exhibition, which was housed in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, featured areas devoted not only to different fields of science and manufacturing, but also … Continue reading The Halifax Court

Photographic History At Its Seductive Best

This has always been one of my favourite Found Photographs - a tiny two inch print of unknown origin with the name Ethel Johnston written on the back. It could have jumped out of William Boyd's fabulous "Sweet Caress" - photographic history at its seductive best.

Looming Technology

At some stage during lockdown, the Old Gits Luncheon Club - an ancient and distinguished organisation I am proud to be a member of - decided that a process of continual reinvention was more appropriate to this ever-changing world we live in. It therefore decided to become a different organisation every month and advertise its … Continue reading Looming Technology

Foresight And Tramlines – Shelter From The Coming Storm

SHELTERS FOR AN EMERGENCY : Coun E Wrigglesworth of Hill Side, Park Field, Triangle (who attracted wide notice when he built his own house of concrete blocks some years ago) is now erecting a concrete shelter, which will be of use in case of emergency. The roof will be reinforced with old tram lines. This … Continue reading Foresight And Tramlines – Shelter From The Coming Storm

It Is Doubtful How Long Peace May Be Preserved

The chance discovery of an illustration in an old newspaper, brings to light a troubled time in the history of Halifax. The illustration - Scene at North Bridge, Halifax - appeared in the Illustrated London News of the 27th August 1842, and it shows thousand of protestors on North Bridge coming under attack by armed … Continue reading It Is Doubtful How Long Peace May Be Preserved

Magical Moments In The Digital Developing Dish

When I fell in love with photography sixty years ago, one of the great delights was that magic moment when a print would slowly emerge in the darkroom developing dish. The closest to it these days is seeing a digital image emerge following the application of some complex filtering process.  This print started life as … Continue reading Magical Moments In The Digital Developing Dish

DAYS : Snow, Light And With Love From Mary

Weighed Down By The Weather: Occasionally the weather likes to remind you that, whatever plans you have, whatever places you need to go, it can over-rule the lot. It might be March but the snow fell with a vengeance and coated the ground, the trees, and even the washing line. As well as there being … Continue reading DAYS : Snow, Light And With Love From Mary

First Cousin To A Forgotten Memory

The advent of artificial intelligence driven photographic software means that we can now all play around with colouring the past. Such experiments have differing levels of success: sometimes we get a stunning insight into the real beauty of great-auntie Gertie, other times we give our grandfathers purple beards and pink dungarees! Such artificial colourisation is … Continue reading First Cousin To A Forgotten Memory